Mayor Janey Welcomes Students to Boston

Mayor Kim Janey along with representatives from several city agencies greeted college and university students moving into Boston on September 1, and helped ensure they have a smooth transition into their new homes. The City’s Inspectional Services, Transportation, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, Fire, Police and Public Works departments are conducting housing inspections (upon request), trash inspections, and distributing informational brochures in neighborhoods with large student populations.  Mayor Janey and other City officials conducted a walkthrough at 12:00pm beginning at 20 Linden St. in Allston and proceeded to Pratt and other neighboring streets.  

The Inspectional Services Department (ISD) have up to 50 inspectors canvassing areas heavily populated with students including:  Allston, Brighton, Fenway, Mission Hill, South Boston, Back Bay and the North End.  Inspectors will visit addresses with a history of violations, as well as units identified through random selection. They will conduct on-the-spot inspections upon request, and confirm that units are registered with the City of Boston in compliance with the City’s Rental Units Ordinance, which requires that all private rental units are registered annually.   

“Boston is proudly home to colleges and universities that attract students from all over the world,” said Mayor Janey. “For those students living off campus in our city, we work to ensure they have safe housing, are informed about services the City provides and understand how to be good neighbors.”   

City officials would like to remind students to avoid used furniture, and to notify their landlord immediately in the event of a suspected infestation. The Code Enforcement Division of PWD is issuing citations for trash violations, including improperly placed trash, and trash placed on the curb on the incorrect trash day. Trash trucks are circulating through key student move-in neighborhoods to collect discarded items that have been placed on the curb. New residents can visit to find their trash and recycling dates. In addition, information pertaining to rodent control can be found on our Rodent Control website. 

Representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services will be staffing tents at several locations to answer questions about city services and to distribute informational handouts, including at:

•  Speedway, 219 Cambridge St. in Brighton 

•  Whole Foods, 413 Cambridge St. in Jamaica Plain

•  Andrew Station in South Boston

•  Forest Hills Train Station

•  Star Market, 45 Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester 

The Boston Transportation Department have implemented on-street parking restrictions on several streets in Allston, Brighton, Fenway, Mission Hill, South Boston, Back Bay and the North End. In addition, on-street parking restrictions signage have been posted in affected neighborhoods. For more information on street restrictions, visit .

Students are encouraged to visit for more information regarding parking restrictions and permits, trash removal and restrictions, and rental requirements.

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