Avram Goldberg, Former President of Stop & Shop, Dies at 92

Mr. Avram Goldberg, former president of Stop & Shop, father of state Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, and a resident of the Back Bay, died on Sunday, Jan. 30. He was 92.

Born in 1930, Mr. Goldberg was married in 1950 to the future Carol Rabb Goldberg, whose family founded Stop & Shop in 1814 in Somerville. He would assume the role chairman of the Stop & Shop in 1985, while his wife served as president of the company. They both stepped away from their respective roles with the company in 1989.

Mr. Goldberg had previously worked for Stop & Shop part-time while attending Harvard as a member of the Class of 1951, and Harvard Law School, where he graduated from in 1954.

“Our deepest condolences to the Treasurer, his loving wife of 73 years, Carol Goldberg, the entire family, and to everyone who knew Avram and enjoyed his bright presence,” read a statement from Treasurer Goldberg’s office.

Of his passing, Rep. Jay Livingstone said,  “Mr. Goldberg was a very generous and giving man. He will be missed.”

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