Acorn Club Introduces Guest Parking as an Added Amenity

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Acorn now offers unlimited guest valet parking as an additional amenity for any existing member in Beacon Hill and Back Bay.  Members can keep their vehicle garaged and continue to use Acorn’s valet services for their day-to-day needs, but can now host friends, family, contractors, etc. who may struggle to find spots.  Specifically, members can purchase books of tickets for weekdays and nights/weekends to use as they see fit at a discount to local garage rates with the added benefit of Acorn’s door-to-door valet service for their guests. 

Having a dinner party but worried about parking?  Acorn now offers a solution.  Housekeepers need to come care for your residence but have nowhere to park?  Acorn now offers a solution.  Need to find a spot for the baby sitter or nanny?  Acorn now offers a solution.  Grandparents visiting the grandchildren, but don’t want to walk six blocks in the dark from a garage during a snow storm?  Acorn now offers a solution.  

Beacon Hill and Back Bay can be troublesome for those who need or value convenient parking given the limited number of available spots as well as the need for keeping up with weather emergency and street cleaning schedules.  There are even fewer meter or guest spots for those who do not have resident parking stickers.  Both neighborhoods can also present challenges for walking to and from public garages or non-resident street spots in New England’s inclement weather—particularly when carrying heavy loads such as baby strollers, sports equipment or groceries.  In addition, real estate listings without deeded parking or spots for guests and service businesses to visit can limit the population of prospective buyers who would otherwise love the property. 

 An Acorn membership resolves all of these issues.  And now it newly delivers for guests as well to make city living and hosting so much easier.   

 Members can simply call or text for guests’ vehicles to be picked-up by an Acorn valet at their front door and to have the valet return the vehicle to the home when the guest leaves.  It works just as it does for their personal resident vehicles.  Furthermore, members and their guests will continue to have access to their vehicles 24/7 should they choose to retrieve their car independent of the service, or after the standard 6am-11pm hours (7 days a week).  All Acorn valets will continue to follow proper CDC guidelines and have been professionally trained as alumni of Boston’s premiere luxury full service buildings and five-star hotels. 

The Acorn Club has a limited number of memberships, so interested parties should sign up on the website or email or call to reserve spots.  [email protected] 617-546-5444.

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