Emerald Necklace Conservancy Brings Emerald Glow Back

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The Emerald Necklace Conservancy is bringing back a wonderful reason to visit the Emerald Necklace parks this winter. “Lights in the Necklace” is a unique lighting exhibition, which began during the pandemic, and will return every evening beginning Feb. 18 and continuing through March 31.

Charlesgate trees lit green by underpass.

​There are more than 9,500 trees in the Emerald Necklace Conservancy’s tree inventory across this 1,100-acre park system, which stretches from Franklin Park in Dorchester to Charlesgate in the Back Bay. This winter, the Conservancy is lighting the way to spring and celebrating the incredible work of the Olmsted Tree Society, the Conservancy’s tree care program which provides maintenance work of pruning, planting and inspecting trees throughout the park system’s canopy.

​“Lights in the Necklace” celebrates the power of urban parks to bring people together year-round. In partnership with Boston Parks and Recreation and Boston Public Works, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy hopes everyone can enjoy the emerald glow in several iconic Emerald Necklace parks as they light the way through winter into spring.

​Illuminated locations (which are subject to change so please check the website for the most up-to-date details) include:  10 trees at Charlesgate Park on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall; trees by the Shattuck Visitor Center in the Back Bay Fens; trees by the Jamaica Pond Boathouse; and trees at the Walnut Ave. Entrance at the northern tip of Franklin Park

​Visit www.emeraldnecklace.org/necklacelights for more information.

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