Sharon Durkan Grows a Coalition of Green Endorsers and Local Ward Committees

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Sharon Durkan, a dedicated community activist, former political staffer, and former Ward 5 Democratic Committee Chair, has garnered significant endorsements for the Boston City Council District 8 seat in the upcoming special municipal election on Tuesday, July 25.

Recent endorsers include the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) Action Fund, Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter, Boston Building and Construction Trades Council, and the Ward 4, 5, and 10 Democratic Committees.

Expressing enthusiasm for Sharon’s candidacy, Casey Bowers, Executive Director of the ELM Action Fund, stated in a press release: “Sharon Durkan has a long track record of supporting strong environmental candidates for office. We are thrilled to endorse her for election as she continues to advocate for the climate, including for a Green New Deal for Boston Public Schools.”

By linking Sharon’s long-standing dedication to environmental causes with her specific focus on

addressing the need for climate-resilient infrastructure, her partnership with the ELM Action

Fund becomes even more meaningful. The endorsement further reinforces her commitment to championing climate advocacy and underscores her commitment to suitability for District 8.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the ELM Action Fund. From starting my high school’s recycling program to working to elect climate champions such as Senator Ed Markey and Mayor Michelle Wu, my leadership on environmental issues has been consistent throughout my life,” Durkan said in a press release. “My charge on the City Council will be to make sure our most vulnerable communities, those who are much more likely to face exposure to pollution, flooding, and urban heat, are at the forefront of our investments. I’m excited to work in partnership with ELM to continue the climate advocacy work they have led for years.”

David Rudolph, a member of the Mass. Sierra Club Political Committee, praised Sharon’s vision for a climate-resilient Boston.

“Sharon Durkan offers a clear vision of the benefits of a

climate-resilient Boston and understands the policies and investments we need to make it happen,” Rudolph said in a press release. “We can count on her to be a champion of green spaces, public transit, and healthy buildings for all.”

The Sierra Club’s endorsement and Sharon’s experience with grassroots organizations like the MA Sierra Club proves that she is not only aligned with the environmental community, but also driven by shared goals for the district.

“The support of grassroots organizations like the Mass. Sierra Club means a great deal to me, as it affirms that my efforts align with the values and aspirations of the environmental community,” Durkan said in a press release. “District 8 faces real environmental challenges, and I firmly believe that by working together, we can overcome them and build a more resilient future.”

These endorsements further show that Sharon Durkan is a green, climate-oriented candidate, joining previous endorsements by U.S. Sen. Ed Markey and Mayor Michelle Wu. They also demonstrate Sharon’s commitment to fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, including community organizations, businesses, and government agencies, to ensure that our climate goals are achieved effectively and inclusively.

Durkan has also earned the endorsements of local Democratic Ward Committees, including Ward 4, Ward 5, and Ward 10. These committees represent the neighborhoods of Fenway-Kenmore, Audubon Circle, Mission Hill, Back Bay, and Beacon Hill

“As a former Ward 5 Committee Chair and someone who has been deeply involved in local organizing, the support of local ward committees is particularly meaningful for me,” added Durkan. “I know everything that goes into deciding who the best candidate is to represent your community. I know firsthand the importance ward committees hold in our city, and I know they

are some of the most impactful and meaningful endorsements a candidate can earn.”

These endorsements stand as evidence of Durkan’s grassroots momentum and connection with constituents. Sharon has spent the past two months meeting with community organizations, business owners, and voters across the district. She has met voters at community events, house parties, doors, and over the phone.

Durkan served as the Chair of the Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee from 2019 until she

launched her campaign for City Council this April.

This latest round of support for Durkan builds upon endorsements by Mayor Michelle Wu, Sen. Ed Markey, State

Rep. Jay Livingstone, Former Councilor Kenzie Bok, State. Rep Aaron Michlewitz, State Sen. Lydia Edwards, Former Councilor Josh Zakim, Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune, State Sen. Liz Miranda, State Sen. Will Brownsberger, UNITEHere Local 26, 32BJ SEIU, North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, Greater Boston Labor Council, and SEIU888. To learn more about Sharon Durkan and her campaign, visit .

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