Back Bay Architectural Commission To Meet Virtually on Sept. 13

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The Back Bay Architectural Commission will hold its next public hearing virtually on Wednesday, September 13 at 5 p.m.

Please note: This hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom meeting link or call 301-715-8592 and enter meeting ID 964 0541 7644 #. You can also email comments through email at [email protected]

Public Testimony Begins at 5:00PM

• Design Review – 5pm24.0172 BB 815 Boylston Street: Matthew Fitzgerald: Installation of stainless steel, crash-rated bollards within the limits of the public sidewalk adjacent to 815 Boylston Street.

24.0059 BB Boston City Street Lights: Replace existing city street lights with DAS nodes at the following locations: 32 Hereford Street; 261 Clarendon Street; 29 Commonwealth Avenue; and 18 Fairfield Street.

24.0064 BB 232 Clarendon Street: At roof install deck and access hatch.

23.1051 BB 389 Marlborough Street (Amendment to Application Approved with Provisos on 6/14/2023): Installation of headhouse at roof.

24.0084 BB 254 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof extend existing deck, remove skylight, and replace existing windows with doors and add additional door at existing penthouse.

24.0207 BB 173 Commonwealth Avenue: Repoint masonry, replace wood windows and roof slate in-kind, and install new copper gutters and downspouts; at front façade install new brick paving with granite border, and install new iron fence; at rear elevation install new brick paving with granite border at parking court, and install brick and granite base with iron fence at rear courtyard; and at roof replace existing deck and railings, replace existing headhouse with a copper clad headhouse with low profile pyramidal skylight, install copper clad elevator override, and install HVAC condensers.

24.0025 BB 495-497 Beacon Street: Convert former bar space into two residential units. Work includes redesign of front façade and rear lower level of rear elevation to return building to its residential appearance; masonry repair and repointing; restoration of garden area at front façade; and landscaping at rear.

• Administrative Review/Approval24.0229 BB 179 Beacon Street: Repair and repoint masonry; repair and repaint fire escapes; replace 2nd floor bay window rubber roof in-kind; replace copper gutter in-kind; remove existing ledge rubber roof and replace with copper; replace slate at Mansard roof in-kind; replace wood trim around gabled dormer windows in-kind and paint brown to match existing; remove existing roof deck; and Remove and replace existing rubber roof with new .06 EPDM rubber roof.

24.0205 BB 210 Beacon Street: At front façade install two light fixtures at entrance.

24.0213 BB 289 Beacon Street: At roof replace copper gutters, flashings and roofing in-kind.

24.0171 BB 302 Beacon Street: At rear elevation remove three fire escapes and extend the masonry wall between the abutting property to replace the existing plywood clad wall; and at roof demolish the chimney on the north end of the building and replace it with a wood framed structure with a brick veneer to exactly match the existing chimney.

24.0206 BB 545 Boylston Street: At front façade minor alteration to storefront to accommodate chase for electrical service.

24.0158 BB 557 Boylston Street: At front façade replace deteriorated wood window trim at fourth story in-kind and paint to match existing trim.

24.0226 BB 647 Boylston Street: At front façade change color of existing signage.

24.0230 BB 829 Boylston Street: At front façade replace existing signage.

24.0232 BB 2 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade and side elevation replace twenty-two non-historic aluminum windows in-kind.

24.0202 BB 110 Commonwealth Avenue: At north elevation of transept restore masonry and replace roof slate in-kind.

24.0227 BB 118 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear replace existing asphalt paving with brick pavers and cobblestones to designate parking spots.

24.0117 BB 152 Commonwealth Avenue: Install three security cameras at exterior of building.

24.0215 BB 215 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade replace insulated glass units and storm windows at second story; and at rear elevation replace second story storm windows.

24.0165 BB 230 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof replace slate at front dormer in-kind and install new copper flashing.

24.0209 BB 239 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace seven, non-historic vinyl six-over-six windows with historically appropriate wood one-over-one windows.

24.0128 BB 255 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade repoint masonry.

24.0118 BB 270 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade remove existing concrete sidewalk and install new concrete sidewalk regraded to meet ADA requirements.

24.0125 BB 337 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade replace three, first-story, one-over-one wood windows in-kind.

24.0243 BB 377 Commonwealth Avenue: At roof replace black rubber membrane roofing and existing skylight in-kind, repair rear gutter and fascia board, and repoint chimney.

24.0247 BB 28 Exeter Street: Replace existing signage at entry.

24.0017 BB 20 Hereford Street: At roof replace rubber membrane roof in-kind.

24.0160 BB 338 Marlborough Street: At front façade and rear elevation replace fourth-story one-over-one non-historic windows in-kind.

24.0123 BB 348 Marlborough Street: At front façade and rear elevation repair and repoint masonry.

24.0120 BB 407 Marlborough Street: At front façade replace four fifth-story one-over-one non-historic aluminum windows with one-over-one wood windows.

24.0153 BB 447 Marlborough Street: At lower level of rear elevation install French doors in existing masonry opening and convert non-historic door opening back to a window.

24.0228 BB 7-9 Newbury Street: At rear elevation install four (4’) foot by six (6’) vestibule at egress stair.

24.0220 BB 156 Newbury Street: At front façade install wall and window signage and lower-level retail space.

24.0136 BB 160 Newbury Street: At front façade repoint masonry.

24.0127 BB 213 Newbury Street: At rear elevation repair masonry.

24.0067 BB 261 Newbury Street: At roof replace rubber membrane roofing, metal flashing, and five existing skylights in-kind.

23.1057 BB 284 Newbury Street: At Gloucester Street elevation replace ten third story and ten second story windows in-kind.

24.0194 BB 288 Newbury Street: At rear elevation repair existing fire escape.

24.0193 BB 290 Newbury Street: At rear elevation repair existing fire escape.

• Ratification of 8/9/2023 Public Hearing Minutes

• Staff Updates

• Projected Adjournment – 7:30pm

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