TV Networks: Please, No More Pats’ Games

For those of us who have been Patriots’ fans since we were kids in the 1960s, the dreadful and pathetic performances of the Pats these past two weeks have resurrected painful memories of the era when the then-Boston Patriots were the worst team in football.

Thanks to the Pats’ success during the first two decades of this century, we had blocked out the traumatizing thoughts of those pathetic teams from more than 50 years ago.

So the last thing we want to do is to watch the Patriots get hammered in the coming weeks. Unfortunately however, the TV networks will be televising the Patriots’ games exclusively in this market each week — which means that if a really good game between two real teams is being played somewhere else, we’ll be blacked out in favor of the pathetic Pats.

So the best thing that a Pats’ fan can do is to not tune into their games each week — and perhaps the networks will realize that they can get better ratings by bringing us a game between two teams who will be entertaining.

In addition, any true Pats’ fan should be rooting for them to lose. A worst-in-league record will give the Pats the chance to draft Caleb Williams, the Heisman Trophy quarterback from USC, who represents the only hope that our New England team will be able to compete in this decade with the likes of the Chiefs with Mahomes, the Bills with Allen, the Dolphins with Tua, and the Eagles with Hurts.

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