T Completes ‘Critical’ Track Work on Green Line

The MBTA officials last week announced  the completion of “critical” track work on the Green Line, which removed 12 safety-related speed restrictions – two more than were planned – along with the shortening of two speed restrictions on the Green Line E branch between Prudential and Copley stations.

​Crews accomplished this work with unencumbered access to track areas while Green Line train service was suspended on the B branch from Babcock Street to Kenmore, on the E branch between Heath Street and Copley, and in the downtown area between Kenmore and North Station from Nov. 27 through Dec. 5, according to the MBTA, with the service diversion extended from North Station to Lechmere on Dec. 4-5.

“Repairing our infrastructure is essential to providing a safe and more reliable trip for our riders. Equally important is rebuilding public trust in our ability to deliver for them. Through close collaboration between contractors’ crews and our growing in-house Maintenance of Way staff, the MBTA continues to demonstrate a new way of doing business at the T and safely improving our tracks and infrastructure,” MBTA General Manager and CEO Phillip Eng said in a press release. “The MBTA is proud to have accomplished this most recent work on the Green Line with the public now benefitting from upgraded station enhancements and a more reliable trip thanks to the removal of 12 safety-related speed restrictions, which is two more than we set out to repair. I thank our riders for their patience and the MBTA team for their tireless efforts. We know there continues to be work to do and lessons learned will continue to be incorporated to streamline efforts and better serve the public.”

Besides providing riders with a more reliable commute on the Green Line with fewer unplanned service disruptions related to older tracks, older infrastructure, signal issues, or power problems, the project will also allow crews unencumbered access to Green Line stations to enhance and upgrade station amenities, like adding new flooring and lighting.

This critical work included: track and tie replacement work performed on sections of the Green Line underground subway in the downtown Boston area; important structural tunnel repairs implemented on sections of the Green Line underground central subway, with additional tunnel inspections performed, the complete replacement of “decades-old” switches, which had not functioned for two years; the repair of flooring and stairs at Hynes Convention Center station;

significant painting work was performed at Arlington station; accessible boarding improvements implemented at Park Street station; the replacement of sections of overhead power wire in many underground sections of the Green Line; the installation of additional E-ink signs at the street-level on the Green Line E branch; the inspection of station overhead locations and stairway areas; the completion of significant work on signal system cables, switches, and power junction boxes; and the restoration to service of a “critical” pump room at Charles Street, with another at Church Street soon to be restored. Two new pumps were also installed, according to the MBTA.

​A range of other in-station work also took place along the Green Line to further enhance the rider experience, including cleaning, sanding, and painting wood benches; performing tactile repairs; installing/replacing station signage; painting columns and ceilings at station platforms; painting stair risers, doors, and door frames; performing flooring/tile repairs; replacing lights; patching spalls on concrete columns; and replacing/cleaning light covers.

​Regarding the T’s recently completed track-work on the Green Line, Rep. Jay Livingstone wrote in an email: “I am pleased that the Healey Administration is comprehensively addressing the issues at the MBTA in a way that prior Administration did not.  I noticed the green line is much faster than before the shift and appreciate that the lighting in the stations is brighter.  I look forward to all the changes planned in the coming year.  It is great to see all the funding that I voted for over the years finally result in meaningful improvements.”

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