MBTA Completes Expedited Critical Track Work on Green Line, Removing 16 Speed Restrictions

Special to The Sun

The MBTA announced on Monday its successful and on-time completion of critical track work on the Green Line, which removed 16 safety-related speed restrictions – one more than planned. Moreover, a 17th speed restriction on the Green Line between Haymarket and Government Center stations was significantly shortened by over 500 feet. Crews accomplished this critical work due to unencumbered access to track areas while Green Line train service was suspended on the B branch from Babcock Street to Kenmore, on the E branch between Heath Street and Copley, and in the downtown area between Kenmore and North Station for 10 days from Jan. 3-12 and for 13 days from Jan. 16-28, according to the MBTA.  During scheduled weekend and evening service diversions over the last several weeks between North Station and Union Square as well as Medford/Tufts, crews from GLXC, the design-build contractor, have also completed critical track work that has alleviated all current tight gauge conditions along both Green Line Extension branches.  “I’m proud of the work our crews were able to accomplish during this most recent Green Line shutdown – the Green Line tunnel in the downtown area received tremendous maintenance and attention that will have a generational impact on current and future riders, and we were able to tackle this critical work thanks to the unencumbered access to the track area,” MBTA General Manager and CEO Phillip Eng said in a press release. “Importantly, our team was able to lift even more speed restrictions than were planned and significantly shorten another. This continues to be indicative of the new way the MBTA is doing business.” Regarding the recently completed Green Line improvements, Rep. Jay Livingstone said, “I am pleased that the MBTA has fixed so many of its long-standing issues.  While it has been disruptive to lose green line service in the area for almost a month, I am pleased that the result of the work is that it is completed between Kenmore Square and North Station.  I look forward to the rest of the MBTA line work finishing this year so that we will have the safe, reliable system that we deserve.”

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