MBTA Completes Expedited Critical Track-Work

The MBTA announced last week the successful and on-time completion of critical track work on the Red Line, including the removal of eight safety-related speed restrictions.

Crews accomplished this work due to unencumbered access to track areas while Red Line service was suspended between Alewife and Harvard stations for 10 days from Feb. 5-14. In the evenings beginning at approximately 8:45 p.m. during the same period from Feb. 5-14, the Red Line service suspension was extended to Park Street (meaning evening service was suspended between Alewife and Park Street).

Crews performed infrastructure improvement work along the Red Line. Complimentary photos by the MBTA Customer and Employee Experience Department.

“We are committed to rebuilding our infrastructure, and the amount of work we were able to accomplish, improving service and reducing travel time along the Red Line is another major step in the right direction,” MBTA General Manager and CEO Phillip Eng said in a press release. “While we successfully completed work and eliminated the speed restrictions, we continually look for lessons learned to minimize impacts as we move forward and accomplish even more work during future outages. I thank our riders and the communities we serve for their patience and support. Thank you also to the MBTA team working side by side with contractor crews to deliver the results we promised.”

​The work completed included the installation of 2,500 feet of rail; the successful removal and replacement of dozens of signal bonds; the reinstallation of approximately 3,500 feet of signal cable,; the installation of one switch  and additional rail work; the realignment of the third rail and other rail work at the Alewife crossover; tunnel inspections along the southbound track between Harvard and Central stations, making repairs as needed; repairs to ceiling areas throughout Davis station; hands-on inspections of Alewife, Porter, and Davis stations; signal modernization work at Alewife, Davis, Porter, and Harvard stations; the installation of a new standpipe at Kendall/MIT station; and security camera improvements at Alewife, Porter, and Davis stations.

​Of the recently completed track work, Rep. Jay Livingstone said, “I’m pleased at the continued progress made by the Healey Administration to address longtime concerns.  I look forward to the removal of all slow zones this year.”

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