Watch the Eclipse Safely

With our area in the path of the solar eclipse this coming Monday (and with clear skies forecast), we urge any of our readers who are intent on watching the event to be sure to wear proper eyewear and to ensure that their children do as well.

A person can cause permanent damage to their eyes — and even go blind (a condition known as solar retinopathy) — if they do not use proper eye protection, such as eclipse glasses or a special solar filter. Regular sunglasses don’t offer any protection and viewing the eclipse through your I-phone camera offers no protection for you and will damage your phone. (Photography experts say just pointing your smartphone camera at the eclipse could cause catastrophic damage to the phone if you don’t have proper equipment.)

Individuals also have to be certain that the eyewear they are using is certified. There are reports that knock-offs that are being sold on-line are not legitimate.

One eye doctor, who was quoted in the New York Times, offered this advice: Don’t look at the eclipse at all, even with proper eyewear.

But for those who are intent on watching this event, please do so safely.

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