Exchange South End to begin foundation work this month

Neighbors in the Albany Street area should prepare their eardrums for a noisy end to the winter months.
The Abbey Group informed the neighborhood in a letter this week that they would begin driving in sheeting for the foundation of the first phase building in mid-February.
“Throughout the month of January, we were doing pre-excavation and preparation on the site, which consisted of excavating around the foundation perimeter to remove any obstructions that would otherwise interfere with the installation of the sheet piles,” read the letter. “The sheet piles are scheduled to be onsite in early to mid-February and will take roughly three to four weeks to install. During this timeframe we will be using hammers and impact drivers to install the sheets.”
Already the demolition of the former Boston Flower Exchange building has been completed, and that has prepared for the next phase of construction leading into the spring months.
Once the sheeting is completed, crews will begin the excavation of the foundation, which will last through June.
Other activities over the next few months will include the installation of the marketing trailer, fence signage, utilities and other minor site actions that begin the process of creating the new Exchange South End.

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