BVHDC Approves Four Roof Decks for Previously Approved Projects on Edgerly and Arlington

The Bay Village Historic District Commission (BVHDC) on September 14 approved the addition of roof decks to two previously approved proposals at 10 Edgerly Place and 130-134 Arlington St., both designed by architect Jonathan Garland.

Applicant Jonathan Lee explained that between the two proposals, there are four housing units to be constructed, and the team hopes to add a roof deck to each one. He said none of the decks will be visible from the street. Construction has yet to begin on either project.

When the Commission approved both of these projects, they requested that should roof decks become part of the proposal, the applicant needs to come back before the Commission for a review.

Architect Jonathan Garland presented the proposal for both projects, beginning with 10 Edgerly Place, which will be a single townhome unit.

He said that the proposed roof deck will take up about half of the space on the roof, and will face the rear yard. There will be a 42 inch guard rail that “in no way would be seen from a site perspective,” Garland said. He explained that the railing is a painted steel picket rail with a wood cap on top.

“Just to the left of the railing are two small air conditioning condenser units” that are about 30 inches tall and “sit on mechanical dunnage,” he said. Garland added that none of this deck would be visible from a public way because it is set so far back on the roof.

“I think it sounds very reasonable and clearly, as drawn, it will not be visible and so not part of our purview,” said Commissioner Steve Dunwell.

Joe Cornish, Director of Design Review for the Boston Landmarks Commission, said that he would like to see mockups of the decks when construction of both sets of buildings is complete to ensure that they are not visible, rendering them exempt from review by the BVHDC.

The Commission voted to approve the deck with that proviso.

At 130-134 Arlington St., the proposal was similar. Garland explained that the previously approved proposal includes three three-level townhouses with outdoor garden space.

Once again, the proposed roof decks would be located towards the back of building and the condenser units are about 25 inches tall.

Tom Perkins, President of the Bay Village Neighborhood Association (BNVA), said that Jonathan Lee presented to the BVNA Executive Committee last week, and the organization made sure to publicize the change to the proposal to residents of the neighborhood. He said that based on the lack of attendance regarding this issue, “nobody is too surprised or has issues with this.”

The Commission voted these decks as well with the same proviso that staff will examine mockups once the buildings are constructed to make sure the decks are not visible from a public way.

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