Mayor Holds Meet and Greet, Says He’s All in for Reelection

By John Lynds

While he’s not on the ballot next week, Mayor Martin Walsh will run for reelection in 2017 and already has his sights set on another term as Boston’s mayor.

On Sunday, Walsh held a meet and greet in East Boston with supporters and signaled he wants his reelection to not only include those who supported him in 2013 but wants to begin building bridges with those who may have supported another candidate last time around.

“I’ve been having these little campaign meetings all over the city because people are getting anxious about the upcoming municipal elections next year,” said Walsh to the crowd of over 100 supporters at the East Boston Yacht Club.

“When the late Mayor Menino decided not to run due to health issues,  it sparked something that had not happened in Boston for 25 years, an open mayor’s seat. We had 12 people running in 2013 and all could have been good mayors. I understand that people take sides and pick sides in a campaign and historically what happens when the campaign is over is the candidates are all talking to each other but their supporters don’t talk to each other for 35 years,” said Walsh to laughter.

Walsh said that he was grateful to everyone that got involved in the Mayoral race in 2013 regardless of whose side they were on or whom they supported.

“In the end everyone got involved because they love the city,” said Walsh. “Now it is about building bridges so we can move on as a team. There’s a lot of great stuff going on in the city. We are seeing good growth, development and we want to continue making investments in neighborhoods so they continue to grow.”

Walsh officially confirmed he’ll run for reelection and said he needs neighborhood support.

“This is the time of year that you may start hearing names pop up as possible candidates,” said Walsh. “I’m not concerned about who may run and I welcome anyone who wants to run because that is what makes our country and our city great–the freedom to run for office. But we are in a good place right now and as we move forward with the campaign we want to engage more people here to help with organizing because we are going to be prepared if we have a challenger.”

City Councilor Sal LaMattina said he’ll be out in full force to support Mayor Walsh.

“I can tell you in the three years of working with Mayor Walsh we have had a great relationship and work as a team for the people of Boston,” said LaMattina. “”I’m happy to call him a friend. November 8 might be the Presidential Election but it is also the unofficial kick off of the municipal election season and I for one will be out working really hard to get Mayor Walsh reelected.”

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