Police Briefs 12-13-2018


Wrong place, wrong time

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, at around 5 p.m., police were dispatched to the Shapiro Building at 725 Albany St. in response to a report of a person screaming in a third-floor bathroom, despite the fact that all Boston Medical Center buildings are affixed with visible signs stating: “No trespassing, per BMC trustees.” Employees, patients and visitors to the hospital have also made frequent complaint to police in regard to blatant drug usage and dealing, and drinking around this area.)

Upon arrival, officers located a man, whom they immediately recognized as being the cause of a call to service for someone loitering at the same location a day earlier. The male suspect had also been cited for trespassing in the area twice before during drug investigations in the last three months. Police observed that the man had fresh blood on his hand as well as bloody toilet paper and a tourniquet near his person.

The suspect told police he had an appointment on the ninth floor of the building, but had stopped to use the third-floor bathroom. While speaking with officers, the man reached down at one point to pick up the toilet paper and tourniquet. He subsequently denied that the objects were his, or that he had been using drugs.

When police pressed the suspect for information about his alleged appointment, he gave officers conflicting information before admitting that he was an IV drug user who had a “cook it” in his backpack.

Police asked the suspect if he would consent to a search of his person and the backpack, at which time he became visibly nervous as his hand began trembling and he began speaking at faster pace.

The suspect then began backing away from officers and attempted to pull his arms away from officers, who proceeded to secure him in handcuffs and inform the suspect he was being detained, but not arrested.

Officers then located an uncapped hypodermic needle and “cook kit” with a significant amount of apparent heroin residue in the suspect’s sweatshirt pocket, as Well as another “cook kit” with residue consistent with heroin in his backpack. All of theses of items were seized as evidence and disposed in a nearby “sharps” container by police.

Police determined that the suspect was wanted on a default warrant issued on Nov. 26 out of Barnstable District Court for larceny over $1,200 and vandalism to property.

The suspect, who will additionally be charged with trespassing, was arrested by virtue of the default warrant and transported to District 4 headquarters for booking.

No free meals

On Thursday, Dec. 6, at approximately 10 a.m., security at Shaw’s Market at 53 Huntington Ave. informed an officer working a paid detail at the grocery store that an individual, who was barred from the store for past shoplifting incidents, had been observed near the a la carte section.

The officer approached the suspect, informed him he is no longer welcome in the store and advised the suspect to leave the premises.

The suspect ignored the officer’s request to leave the store and instead sat down at a table, where he continued to eat.

Additional officers responded to the scene and placed the suspect under arrest for trespassing. He was transported to District 4 headquarters for booking without further incident.

Drugstore cowboys

On Friday, Dec. 7, at around 10:10 p.m., police responded to call for an unarmed robbery at CVS Pharmacy at 874 Harrison Ave.

Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim, who said she was counting money in the parking lot when two men approached her.

The suspects then snatched $124 from the victim’s had as she attempted to hide it in her bra strap. They also stole her luggage, along with the clothing inside, before fleeing in a grey, four-door vehicle driven by a female suspect.

The victim then watched as the suspects’ vehicle drove down Harrison Avenue towards Melena Cass Boulevard.

Descriptions of the suspect and their getaway vehicle were subsequently broadcast via police radio.


Repeat offender gets 6-8 years for 2016 rape in the South End

Staff Report

As jury selection was set to begin this week in his Suffolk Superior Court rape trial, a man pleaded guilty to charges he sexually assaulted a female acquaintance in 2016 at a South End apartment.

Jerome Hairston, 49, who does not have a fixed address, pleaded guilty Monday to rape as a subsequent offense and strangulation in connection with the 2016 attack on a woman inside the Northampton Street home of Hairston’s relative.  Assistant District Attorney Jillian Hira recommended a term of 18 to 20 years in state prison. Judge Elizabeth Fahey sentenced Hairston to six to eight years in state prison followed by four years of probation during which he must have no contact with the victim, maintain his sex offender registry status, and complete sex offender evaluation and treatment.

Had the case proceeded to trial, Assistant District Attorney Jillian Hira of the DA’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit would have presented evidence and testimony to prove that the victim was visiting a relative of Hairston at a Northampton Street apartment on the evening of Nov. 6, 2016.  Hairston was also present.  After the relative left the apartment to go to the store, Hairston sexually assaulted and then strangled the victim, the evidence would have proven.

The victim was able escape the apartment and reported the assault to a security guard, who contacted Boston Police. Responding officers located Hairston inside the apartment and placed him under arrest.

Hairston was previously convicted of rape of a child in 1988.

In Suffolk County, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center offers a free and confidential 24-hour hotline at 800-841-8371. The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center provides medical accompaniment and many other free services to victims of rape and sexual assault.

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