Police Briefs 11-14-2019

Unwelcome Dance Partners

On Monday, Nov. 4, at about 4:25 p.m., a victim entered District 4 police headquarters to report he was the victim of an assault and battery at The Brahmin, located at 33 Stanhope St.

The victim told police at around 11:20 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2, he was at the aforementioned location, where he was dancing with a group of male and female friends.

At around midnight, two unknown men approached the group, and when they began acting somewhat aggressively towards the females, their male friends asked the two strangers to go away. Despite this request, the two unknown men continued to interact with the women in an increasingly aggressive manner.

When they were all dancing, the victim said he inserted himself between the women and the two unidentified men in an effort to separate them. Soon afterwards, the victim said he felt a blow to the left side of his head, which knocked his glasses off his face. As the victim was scrambling to find his glasses, the friend of the man who hit the victim pulled the man away.

Once the victim located his glasses, a bystander told him he had blood dripping down his face. The victim and his friends went to the men’s room to tend to his wound, at which time an employee told the females to leave the restroom.

At this time, the victim then explained to the employee what had happened before pointing out the suspect and his friend to him. Employees then escorted the suspect and his friend outside, where they questioned them about what had transpired between them and the victim’s party.

After the victim left the bar with his friends to seek medical treatment, the victim said he observed the suspect and his friend walking down the street.

The victim was treated at Mt. Auburn Hospital, where his vision was tested and he received nine stiches above his left eye.

The victim also told police he has a photo of the suspect he could provide to them.


On Wednesday, Nov. 6, at around 9:13 a.m., police responded to 70 St. Botolph St. on a radio call for a breaking and entering.

Upon arrival, officers met with the building manager, who reported two unknown females were in the apartment of a tenant who is hospitalized for the near future.

After they knocked on the apartment door and announced their presence three times, police heard a loud thud and entered the premises using the building manager’s key.

After police again asked the suspect to make themselves known to them to no avail, they conducted a protective sweep of the apartment, at which time they located a female suspect hiding in a dresser cabinet.

The suspect told police that the tenant had given her permission to be in the apartment, but she agreed to leave there and not return.

No damage to the apartment was observed, and police did locate a note allegedly from the tenant, which said she was allowed to stay there.

The apartment was secured, and the business manager told police he plans to change the locks on the apartment.

No other parties were located on the premises.

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