Wu Announces Additional Youth Summer Jobs

On April 25, Mayor Michelle Wu made announcements regarding youth summer jobs at Hyde Square Task Force (HSTF) in Jamaica Plain.

“…this is going to be the summer for full youth employment in Boston,” Wu said, announcing that the city’s SuccessLink program for youth jobs has expanded to include 6,000 youth jobs for the very first time.

This is an increase of 1,000 jobs from last year, and the application deadline has been extend-ed to Friday, May 29.

Similar to last year, Wu said that the program will offer virtual, in-person, and hybrid jobs to ensure inclusivity and access for all youth. The Learn and Earn post-secondary program will also continue, she added.

We want as many of our neighborhoods and blocks and families to be represented,” she said.

Celina Miranda, Executive Director of the HSTF said that “we know that jobs matter—jobs make such a difference for our young people” and teach them skills that they can carry on with them as they enter adulthood.

“We know that a positive employment opportunity has an impact on future workforce out-comes for youth,” Miranda said.  “Here at HSTF, we’re excited.” This year, HSTF will employ 80 young people throughout the course of the summer through its Jóvenes en Acción (Youth in Action) program, which provides young people with an “opportunity to engage creatively in Afro-Latin arts,” including music, dance, theater. Youth will receive educational support and learn leadership skills as part of the program, Miranda said.

Rashad Cope, Director of the city’s Department of Youth Engagement & Employment, said that “our goal Is to provide a summer of short-term career aspiration and learning experiences for Boston’s youth that really prepares them for future educational and career opportunities.”

Youth will also “develop work readiness skills,” as well as create relationships with mentors, coaches, and supervisors.

Euniss Yoyo, one of the young people at the press conference, said that the expansion of the youth summer jobs program “really makes me feel warm inside…it makes me feel really good that a new door of inclusivity has been opened for more youth in the City of Boston.” She added that it’s “great that a paycheck comes out of it, too.”

Mayor Wu added that “it’s so important” to provide these opportunities for Boston’s youth.

“I never would have imagined that I would be in politics or in government and I got my start in City Hall through an internship with Mayor Menino back in the day,” she said. “The work our young people are doing now is an investment…”

According to the City, SuccessLink offers two ways for youth to get a SuccessLink summer job. One is through a SuccessLink Direct Partner job, where young people are hired by the city “to work across various organizations,” or a SuccessLink Grant Partner job, where young people are hired directly by grant partners through their own application process.

Young people in Boston ages 14-18 are invited to apply for summer jobs at youth.boston.gov. Applicants must turn 15 years old by September 1. There are a variety of positions available in fields like government, childcare and education, STEM, sports, music, art, theater, dance, and more.

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