And Speaking of Greenery,Tree Locations Being Sought

Just a few weeks ago we were still in the  throes of winter with bare trees; but today with the leaves of many tress coming out, the sight makes one realize how lucky we are to have so many mature trees in our neighborhood.  The importance of trees in our neighborhoods was evident last week when several groups including the Neighborhood Association of Back Bay and the Back Bay Garden Club appeared before the Back Bay Architectural Commission testifying about the importance of trees in the alleys and how taking down the three trees in one lot and a tree in another lot to make room for parking was unacceptable.  While we agree with this thinking, it was more important that the Commissioners agree and they did. But all the trees whether on the Mall or in the various parks run the risk of becoming diseased and having to be taken down.  When this happens, there is a void that is very noticeable and to replace these mature trees takes years.

Today, the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department is seeking locations for 150 trees that will be planted citywide.  These trees that are being offered range from red maples to silver lindens to willow oak  and prospective elm.  The last day to make requests will be on June 3.  Any resident can request to have a tree request for a vacant tree pit in front of their home or business.  The criteria for planting the tree can be viewed at and tree planting requests can be made by calling 311 or the Park Line at 617-635-7275.

We urge residents to look at their streets and see if maybe a tree can be planted that will take the place of a mature tree someday.  These saplings are small and will take time to grow, so let’s start this year

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