Boston Landmarks Commission Approves Changes to Fenway Park

By Beth Treffeisen

The Boston Landmarks Commission Tuesday night approved the previously presented dugout and dugout seat expansion and the new day-of-game suites on the right field and left field press levels.

The projects were passed with a proviso that they will not allow any more day-of-game suites to be built in the future.

The Fenway Park plan first came in front of the board on August 23, 2016 and officials were asked to provide additional information including a photo simulation of the two projects.

Commissioner Richard Yeager voted against the approval due to issues with the day-of-game suites. He stated he didn’t want to set a precedent to allow more day-of-game suites to line the upper level blocking the transparency of the walkway.

“You don’t know what the future will hold,” said Yeager. “Geometrically they are going to slowly continue to start marching down.”

Commissioner David Berarducci said the Red Sox like the suites because they haven’t been able to sell as many standing room only tickets. There is more of a demand for the people to sit down in an enclosed area for things such as birthday parties.

A question the Commissioners brought up was, “If you approved a couple of them on what basis do you say no?”

Commissioner Brad Walker pointed out that if this were passed the suites would be taking up around 45 percent of the walkway.

Commissioner John Amodeo stated that for any landmark they have to allow it to be attractive for current use.

“But, if you changed so much it not longer holds its history,” said Amodeo, “It’s sort of a tipping point and it’s loosing its character.”

Berarducci made the motion to approve the dugout and dugout expansion but with strong language that this will be the last day of game suites.

Berarducci said, “It is a one-time deal.”

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