Back Bay Family Hit by Auto

By Seth Daniel

In the latest outrage involving pedestrian accidents in the Back Bay, this week a Back Bay family is looking for witnesses who might have seen the accident on March 31 that seriously injured a father and his daughter on the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Gloucester Street.

“It was a very beautiful evening and there were a lot of people out who saw this, but the police did not interview any of the witnesses,” said Attorney Elizabeth Tully, of the Back Bay’s Kreindler & Kreindler. “If there are any witnesses or anybody with any information, it would be incredibly helpful if they could reach out to me because it could expand our understanding of what happened and help hold the drivers accountable.”

Arthur and Anne Kramer, father and daughter, had met after work on March 31 to have dinner on Newbury Street, Tully told the Sun. Arthur lives in the Back Bay and his daughter, Anne, works in the Back Bay.

That sunny March stroll to their favorite restaurant would end around 6:15 p.m., long before they even got close to having dinner, with the two suffering serious injuries as they tried to navigate Comm Ave in the crosswalk.

Tully said the Kramers were walking on Gloucester Street towards Newbury. As they were crossing the inbound side of Comm Ave, having already crossed one side of Comm Ave and the Mall, they saw a car coming very fast towards them down the other side of Comm Ave.

Anne and Arthur were in the crosswalk and had the right of way, Tully said. They attempted to move out of the way, but the car coming down Comm Ave collided with a car making a left hand turn from Gloucester onto Comm Ave. The two cars hit Arthur and Anne and both were injured.

“They had the right of way in the cross walk,” said Tully. “Obviously, one car ran a light and the other turned left without yielding to the pedestrians. They know they were both hit by two cars. The two cars collided and one hit Arthur and Anne was hit by debris. Arthur had very serious injuries and was taken to Tufts Medical Center,  as was Anne. Both are recovering.”

Tully said several people stopped to help the Kramers, but unfortunately no one who witnessed the accident was interviewed.

That’s where Tully said she is hoping that the community can step up to help, if they saw anything, and hold the driver’s accountable for injuring the father and daughter as they simply crossed the street on a sunny evening.

To get in touch with Tully and help the Kramer family, call (617) 424-9100 or email at [email protected].

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