Fenway Garden Society Welcomes New President

At the Fenway Garden Society’s Annual Winter Meeting on Saturday, November 18, a new Executive Board and Area Directors were sworn in.

Elizabeth Bertolozzi, a long-time gardener and South End resident will take the reigns effective immediately as the newest president with her husband Carl Richter as Senior VP of Administration.

“As you can imagine, we’re delighted to participate in these roles!” said Bertolozzi in an email.

The Fenway Garden Society works to maintain and encourage urban gardening in the Victory Gardens for the benefit of all the people of the city of Boston, providing a chance to work outdoors, enjoy green space, and work with nature, as well as cooperate with the Boston Parks Department and other related government agencies, community groups, and urban gardeners in preserving, maintaining and beautifying city park areas and other green spaces.

The new executive board is as follows:

Elizabeth Bertolozzi, President

Carl Richter, Senior VP of Administration

Mikael Bristow, Treasurer

Daniella Torress, VP of Communication & Development

Russell Bowers, VP of the Park

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