Police Briefs 01-18-2018

D-4 Police News


On Monday, Jan. 8, at about 5:52 a.m., police responded to a radio call for a robbery in progress at Dunkin’ Donuts at 1138 Washington St.

Upon arrival, officer spoke to the cashier, who said a male suspect had lunged over the counter and removed cash from the register as she was ringing up another customer. At this time, the cashier began struggling with the suspect and punched him. The cashier didn’t sustain any injuries during the altercation.

The store manager told police that he believes that the suspect had committed a similar crime there two days earlier and showed officers a surveillance video of a man lunging across the counter before struggling with a witness and fleeing with cash in hand.

Police canvassed the area for the suspect to no avail.



On Thursday, Jan. 11, at approximately 6:55 p.m., officers responded to 121 Jersey St. to meet with the victim of an armed robbery.

On arrival, the victim told police she was assaulted and robbed of her purse inside Clemente Field by the Museum Road footbridge. She said she had been feeding the geese when a male suspect grabbed her from behind by her jacket, spun the victim around and brandished a knife. The suspect then threw the victim to the ground and ripped the handbag containing money, her cell phone and personal identification from the victim’s shoulder. When the victim started to scream, she said the suspect ran in the direction of the Victory Gardens.

The victim declined medical attention at this time, and a search of the area for the suspect yielded no results.



On Thursday, Jan. 11, at around 7:45 p.m., officers assigned to the Villa Victoria apartments observed four male suspects sitting on the stoop at 9A Aguadilla St. smoking what appeared to be marijuana.

Police approached the group and informed them they were trespassing on private property and asked to see their identification. At this time, officers observed that one suspect was in possession of a spring-loaded, knife pocket-clip with a blade over 2½ inches long.

The suspect will be summonsed to Boston Municipal Court on charges of carrying prohibited knives or similar objects.


Jan. 8

56 Clearway St -Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

137 Peterborough St -Fire Report – House, Building, Etc.

Harrison Ave -Vandalism

2 Cazenove St -Towed Motor Vehicle

292 Newbury St Property – Lost

90 Warren Ave -Assault Simple – Battery

Huntington Ave M/V – Leaving Scene – Property

1341 Boylston St -Larceny Shoplifting

39 Dalton St -Larceny -Theft From Building

Massachusetts Ave -Assault Simple – Battery

850 Harrison Ave -Vandalism

Huntington Ave -Towed Motor Vehicle

170 Marlborough St -Larceny Theft From Mv – Non-Accessory

97 Peterborough St -Assault – Aggravated – Battery

90 Warren Ave -Assault Simple – Battery

200 Massachusetts Ave Investigate Person

38 Hemenway St -Larceny Theft From Building

11 E Newton St -Verbal Dispute

160 Newbury St-Larceny Shoplifting

1855 Washington St-Assault Simple – Battery

Fay St-Robbery – Street

155 Northampton St-Sudden Death Officer

E Lenox St-Drugs – Poss Class A – Heroin, Etc.

203 Newbury St-Larceny Shoplifting

607 Boylston St-Fraud – Credit Card / Atm Fraud

1167 Boylston St-Property – Lost

Burke St-Dangerous Or Hazardous Condition

109 Peterborough St-Larceny Theft Of Bicycle

Harrison Ave-Property – Found


Jan. 9

109 Warren Ave-Warrant Arrest

45 Clarendon St-Investigate Person

Albany St-M/V Accident – Personal Injury

761 Harrison Ave-M/V – Leaving Scene – Property

860 Harrison Ave-Verbal Dispute

784 Tremont St-Towed Motor Vehicle

465 Columbus Ave-Sudden Death

Van Ness St-Investigate Property

710 Albany St   -M/V Accident – Personal Injury

93 Lenox St-Vandalism

755 Boylston St-Larceny Theft From Building

334 Massachusetts Ave-Investigate Person

53 Windsor St   -Dangerous Or Hazardous Condition

E Springfield St-Assault Simple – Battery

604 Columbus Ave-Val – Operating Unreg/Unins Car

145 Dartmouth St-Warrant Arrest

1 Yawkey Way-Property – Lost

444 Harrison Ave-Investigate Person

43 Dwight St-Missing Person – Located

Albany St-Drugs – Poss Class A – Intent To Mfr Dist Disp

444 Harrison Ave-Property – Lost

13 San Juan St-Fraud – Impersonation

130 W Concord S-Investigate Person

1138 Washington St-Robbery – Commercial

815 Boylston St-Larceny Shoplifting

46 Newbury St-Larceny Shoplifting

45 E Newton St-Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

575 Tremont St-Other Offense

35 Northampton St-Assault – Aggravated – Battery

Tremont St-Val – Operating After Rev/Susp.

794 Massachusetts Ave-Drugs – Sick Assist – Other Narcotic

95 Beacon St    -Verbal Dispute

E Springfield St-M/V Accident – Personal Injury

Claremont Park-Assault Simple – Battery

Camden St-Robbery – Street

261 Dartmouth St-Assault Simple – Battery

2 Rollins St-Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

10 E Brookline St-Vandalism


Jan. 10

221 Newbury St-Investigate Person

755 Tremont St-Viol. Of Restraining Order W No Arrest

Herald St-M/V Accident – Property Damage

451 Park Dr-Drugs – Sick Assist – Heroin

E Brookline St   -Vandalism

140 Clarendon St-Assault Simple – Battery

380 Shawmut Ave-Investigate Person

780 Albany St   -Larceny Theft From Building

35 Worcester St-Towed Motor Vehicle

5 Copley Pl-Larceny Shoplifting

270 Huntington Ave-Investigate Person

Huntington Ave-M/V – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

444 Harrison Ave-Property – Lost

73 Lenox St      -M/V – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

92 W Newton St-Investigate Person

Ipswich St-Investigate Person

Huntington Ave-M/V Accident – Property Damage

Huntington Ave-Disorderly Conduct

396 Northampton St-Investigate Person

780 Albany St   -Larceny Theft From Building

755 Boylston St-Larceny Theft From Building

1250 Boylston St-Investigate Person

58 Queensberry St-Fraud – False Pretense / Scheme

427 Massachusetts Ave-Investigate Property

Columbus Ave-Investigate Person

Chandler St-Drugs – Poss Class B – Intent To Mfr Dist Disp

955 Boylston St-License Premise Violation

641 Harrison Ave-Verbal Dispute

31 Burbank St   -Verbal Dispute

800 Boylston St-Larceny Shoplifting

650 Harrison Ave-Drugs – Poss Class B – Intent To Mfr Dist Disp

850 Harrison Ave-Stolen Property – Buying / Receiving / Possessing


Jan. 11

141 Massachusetts Ave-Drugs – Poss Class B – Intent To Mfr Dist Disp

Exeter St-M/V – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

100 Shawmut Ave-Larceny Theft From Mv – Non-Accessory

269 Newbury St-Property – Accidental Damage

19 Hanson St    -Towed Motor Vehicle

839 Albany St   -Assault Simple – Battery

545 Albany St   -Assault Simple – Battery

105 Queensberry St-ick/Injured/Medical – Person

15 Newbury St-Property – Missing

243 Northampton St-M/V Accident – Other

220 Huntington Ave-Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

800 Boylston St-Larceny Theft From Mv – Non-Accessory

1313 Washington St-Larceny All Others

1330 Boylston St-License Premise Violation

80 W Newton St-Larceny Theft From Building

26 Worcester St-Death Investigation

Albany St-M/V – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

Harrison Ave-M/V Accident Involving Pedestrian – Injury

1603 Washington St-Larceny Shoplifting

Brookline Ave    -M/V Accident – Personal Injury

497 Boylston St-Larceny Shoplifting

700 Boylston St-Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

Park Dr-Assault – Aggravated – Battery

655 Tremont St-Larceny Theft Of Bicycle

780 Albany St   -Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

465 Huntington Ave-M/V Accident – Personal Injury

Washington St  -Larceny Theft From Mv – Non-Accessory

Fenway-Robbery – Street

66 Westland Ave-Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

Stuart St-Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

490 Parker St-M/V Accident – Other

9 Aguadilla St   -Weapon – Other – Carrying / Possessing, Etc

23 Monsignor Reynolds Way     Threats To Do Bodily Harm

352 Massachusetts Ave-Towed Motor Vehicle

444 Harrison Ave-Warrant Arrest

483 Beacon St  -Verbal Dispute

889 Harrison Ave-Assault Simple – Battery


Jan. 12

25 Trotter Ct      -Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

88 Hammond St-Investigate Person

9 Yarmouth St-Assault – Aggravated – Battery

Albany St-M/V Accident – Personal Injury

57 Hemenway St-Verbal Dispute

198 Beacon St  -Burglary – Residential – No Force

761 Harrison Ave-Towed Motor Vehicle

333 Massachusetts Ave-Sudden Death

112 Shawmut Ave                                  Vandalism

168 Newbury St                                     Towed Motor Vehicle

217 W Canton St                                   Towed Motor Vehicle

100 Huntington Ave                               Larceny Shoplifting

45 Dwight St                                         Towed Motor Vehicle

80 W Dedham St                                   Investigate Person

546 Massachusetts Ave             Larceny Theft From Mv – Non-Accessory

1638 Washington St                              Vandalism

1340 Boylston St                                   Trespassing

535 Boylston St                                                Assault Simple – Battery

1395 Washington St                              Investigate Person

100 Huntington Ave                               Larceny Shoplifting

300 Shawmut Ave                                  Investigate Person

30 Ipswich St                                        Other Offense

9 Yarmouth St                                       Investigation For Another Agency

1813 Washington St                              Vandalism

574 Massachusetts Ave             Assault Simple – Battery

437 Columbus Ave                                Investigate Person

Massachusetts Ave                               Investigate Person

300 Shawmut Ave                                  Investigate Person

889 Harrison Ave                                   Threats To Do Bodily Harm

89 E Canton St                                      M/V – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

192 Commonwealth Ave                        M/V Accident Involving Pedestrian – Injury

577 Massachusetts Ave             Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

221 Massachusetts Ave             Trespassing

800 Boylston St                                                Larceny Shoplifting

850 Harrison Ave                                   Drugs – Poss Class A – Heroin, Etc.

8 Newcomb St                                      Assault Simple – Battery

Massachusetts Ave                               M/V Accident Involving Pedestrian – Injury

444 Harrison Ave                                   Investigate Person

273 E Berkeley St                                  Larceny Theft From Building


Jan. 13

26 Chandler St                                      Assault Simple – Battery

18 Trotter Ct                                          Assault Simple – Battery

141 Massachusetts Ave             Investigate Person

10 Lattimore Ct                                      Assault Simple – Battery

11 E Newton St                                     Verbal Dispute

1595 Washington St                              Larceny Theft From Building

125 Peterborough St                             Towed Motor Vehicle

284 Newbury St                                     Investigate Property

435 Harrison Ave                                   Auto Theft

794 Massachusetts Ave             Assault Simple – Battery

199 Massachusetts Ave             Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

1355 Washington St                              Threats To Do Bodily Harm

82 W Brookline St                                  Verbal Dispute

351 Newbury St                                     Towed Motor Vehicle

3 Douglass Park                                                Vandalism

15 Lansdowne St                                   Property – Lost

336 Beacon St                                      Larceny Pick-Pocket

327 Commonwealth Ave                        Vandalism

39 Dalton St                                          Missing Person

129 Hemenway St                                  M/V – Leaving Scene – Personal Injury

1341 Boylston St                                   Investigate Person

220 Huntington Ave                               Assault Simple – Battery

209 W Newton St                                   Burglary – Residential – No Force

62 Hammond St                                                Verbal Dispute


Jan. 14

232 Northampton St                              Missing Person

958 Tremont St                                      Assault Simple – Battery

32 Clearway St                                      Investigate Property

33 Stanhope St                                     Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

97 Waltham St                                       Larceny Theft From Mv – Non-Accessory

Northampton St                                     M/V – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

483 Beacon St                                      Verbal Dispute

889 Harrison Ave                                   Investigate Person

608 Shawmut Ave                                  Assault – Aggravated – Battery

110 Huntington Ave                               Fraud – False Pretense / Scheme

41 Saint Botolph St                               Vandalism

316 Huntington Ave                               Investigate Person

811 Massachusetts Ave             Verbal Dispute

100 Huntington Ave                               Larceny Shoplifting

1277 Washington St                              Property – Found

280 Commonwealth Ave                        Larceny Theft From Building

650 Columbus Ave                                Investigate Person

90 Exeter St                                          Vandalism

760 Boylston St                                                Larceny Shoplifting

Berkeley St                                           M/V Accident – Involving Pedestrian – No Injury

1 E Canton St                                       Vandalism

292 Newbury St                                     Investigate Property

115 Norway St                                       Larceny All Others

2 San Juan St                                       Assault – Simple

450 Tremont St                                      Investigate Person

90 Warren Ave                                       M/V – Leaving Scene – Property Damage

30 Gloucester St                                               License Premise Violation

60 Charlesgate E                                   Harassment


Jan. 15

633 Shawmut Ave                                  Assault Simple – Battery

444 Harrison Ave                                   Death Investigation

500 Commonwealth Ave                        Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

145 Dartmouth St                                  Property – Lost

348 Harrison Ave                                   Verbal Dispute

800 Boylston St                                                Larceny Shoplifting

800 Beacon St                                      M/V Accident – Personal Injury

769 Tremont St                                      Sick/Injured/Medical – Person

316 Huntington Ave                               Larceny All Others

100 Huntington Ave                               Larceny Shoplifting

110 Huntington Ave                               Larceny Theft From Building

35 Northampton St                                Assault Simple – Battery

4 Yawkey Way                                       Larceny All Others

650 Harrison Ave                                   Investigate Person

840 Harrison Ave                                   Missing Person

650 Harrison Ave                                   Drugs – Sale / Manufacturing

771 Albany St                                       Assault Simple – Battery

35 Northampton St                                Investigate Person

444 Harrison Ave                                   Larceny Theft Of Bicycle

444 Harrison Ave                                   Larceny Theft From Building

700 Harrison Ave                                   M/V Accident – Property Damage

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