Police Briefs 05-31-2018

D-4 Police News

When nature calls

On Tuesday, May 22, at about 6:14 a.m., police responded to Abe & Louie’s restaurant at 793 Boylston St. for a reported breaking and entering.

Upon arrival, police spoke to a witness, who said he observed the suspect pry open the middle door before entering the restaurant. The suspect told officers he was just looking for somewhere to use the bathroom.

Unable to gain entry to the restaurant, police were unable to determine if anything was broken or missing.

Officers placed the suspect under arrest for breaking and entering during the daytime before transporting him to District 4 headquarters for booking.


Got the beat

On Thursday, May 24, at approximately 6:26 p.m., police responded to the Apple store at 815 Boylston St. for an armed robbery call.

On arrival, officers spoke to two, plainclothes loss-prevention employees. The first employee said when he observed the suspect allegedly stealing merchandise at about 6:10 p.m., he engaged the suspect in conversation, which revealed that the two had gone to high school together. Rather than disclosing his role as a security guard, the first employee asked his partner to handle the investigation.

When the second security guard approached the suspect, the suspect attempted to exit the store. The security guard tried to block the suspect’s way, at which time the suspect brandished a switchblade knife and swung it at the security guard. The suspect attempted to deflect the blade and sustained lacerations to his left thumb and the palm of his right hand in the process. The suspect then fled down Boylston Street in the direction of Massachusetts Avenue.

Paramedics arrived at the scene to treat the victim, who declined transportation to an area hospital at that time.

Police determined that the suspect had stolen a pair of Beats by Dre headphones and seized an iPad believed to belong to him as evidence.

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