Midtown Hotel Lease Nearing End, Property on the Market

The Midtown Hotel, formerly known as the Mid-Town Motor Inn, has been put on the market by the Christian Science Church as the hotel’s long-term lease comes to an end.

The hotel is located across from the Christian Science Plaza and has been owned by the church for some time, and leased by the hotel – which has been regarded as one of the last “affordable” hotels left in the downtown area with nightly prices of about $140.

Church official Kevin Ness, manager of the Church’s Committee on Publication, told the Sun that the lease for the Midtown is nearing its end and the property has been put on the market as a long-term ground lease.

As the begin planning for the property, he said they are keeping in mind the interests of the church, the City of Boston, and the local neighbors. They will have meetings related to development planning, along with other interested parties.

A decision on the use of the property, which also could be to re-lease it to the hotel, would come no earlier than the end of 2018, he said.

The move to put the property on the market is another step in what has been an ongoing journey for the church to redevelop and sell off some of its Back Bay properties.

Already, the church has sold parcels to develop the apartment tower at 30 Dalton St., and it has also engaged in a major renovation of the Plaza and landscape around the church buildings.

Ness said that is all part of an internal conversation in the church about what their focus should be in Boston and in the communities around the world.

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