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From the Jan. 29 Zoning Board meeting, City Hall:

•1120-1130  Boylston St. Applicant: MBH Associates Limited Partnership

Purpose: Renovate existing egress stairs at basement and sub-basement levels. Add one interconnecting convenience stair between the two levels with related structural work. Build common corridor walls. Base building core and shell work in basement and sub-basement levels in preparation for tenant fit-up (by others) including new HVAC units, electric service brought to space, rough plumbing for bathrooms, and reconfigured sprinkler to accommodate new layout. See attached architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and fire protection documents.

•100-114 Hampden St. Applicant: Kemble/Hampden, LLC

Purpose: Erect a four story and one half story commercial structure containing 39,589 s.f. to be used as a Cannabis Establishment.

•28 Commonwealth Ave. Applicant: Adam Gilmore

Purpose: The proposed project includes the construction of a new roof deck with a new stair and hatch from the existing fifth floor.

•260 Newbury St.  Applicant: Maison Newbury LLC

Purpose: Change occupancy to mercantile/retail use at the ground and first floors with R-1 Transient Use Dwelling 17 Units on the floors above. The proposal includes new MEPFP systems, sprinkler and installation of groundwater mitigation system, an elevator, floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens and insulation. The proposed project also includes the construction of a new penthouse addition/roof deck and rear addition with roof deck. In addition, a new recessed entry terrace is proposed on Newbury Street.

•8 Rutland Square Applicant: Eben Kunz

Purpose: Construct 1 rear deck off parlor level and a roof deck with hatch access.

•200-202 Ipswich St. Applicant: 1241 Boylston, LLC

Purpose: Erect a 184-room hotel with a ground floor restaurant. Project will include approximately 105,000 square feet of building area and will be eight (8) stories with maximum height of ninety feet (90), there will be approximately 82 parking spaces in one below-grade level. Existing building to be removed by other permit.

•18 Yarmouth St. Applicant: Eben Kunz

Purpose: Construct 2 decks off rear wall and related doors.

From the Feb. 5 Licensed Premise Violations hearing, City Hall, 10 a.m.:

•Creative Restaurant Concepts, Inc., d/b/a Whisky Saigon

116  Boylston St., Back Bay.

Date: 11/10/2018 – Indecent assault and battery patron vs patron, and assault and battery patron and patron.

•Oliver Twist Inc, d/b/a Cask and Flagon, 62  Brookline Ave., Fenway.

Date: 11/21/2018 – Assault and battery patron on employee.

• Bhc Corporation General Partner, d/b/a: Club Café

209  Columbus Ave., Back Bay. Date: 11/30/2018 – Patron on patron assault and battery abutting licensed premise at closing.

From the Feb. 5 South End Landmarks Commission meeting, 5:30 p.m., City Hall:


•177 Warren Ave.: Ratification of unapproved painted slate on front mansard.

•172 West Brookline St.:  Ratification of unapproved brownstone paint color.

•119 Pembroke St.: Ratification of unapproved work on windows on the front façade.


•45 West Newton St. Proposed Work: (Continuation From 1/2019) at rear elevation dormer level, reduce the size of the existing dormer and construct a roof deck.

•73 Rutland St. Proposed Work: Rebuild roof deck.

•29 Rutland Sq. (Previously Heard on 11/2018) Proposed Work: At front façade levels G,1,2,3 replace 8 original (6 curved, 4 straight sash) wood, two over two windows and 2 non-original (Fl. G & 1) two over two, wood windows with wood, two over two windows (8 curved and 2 straight sash).

•615 Massachusetts Ave. Proposed Work: Install roof deck.

•17 Claremont Pk. #2 Proposed Work: Alter existing roof deck. (Pending Additional Information Request)

•439-441 Tremont St. Proposed Work:  At front façade street level, replace 4 existing signs and 2 awnings.

•484 Tremont St. Proposed Work: At front façade penthouse, replace 3 existing antennas, additional 3 surge arrestors and concealment shroud.

•715 Tremont St. Proposed Work: At front façade penthouse, install three additional panel antennas for a total of 12 antennas (including 9 that currently exist). Remove 3 remote radio units and replace with 12 units for a total of 21 (including 12 existing).

•41 Worcester Sq. Proposed Work: At rear of the structure, install exhaust vent that rises above the mansard.

•205 W. Newton St. Proposed Work:  Install roof deck.

•17 Cazenove St. Proposed Work: At front façade level one, replace two, wood, 1 over 1 windows with two, wood 2 over 2 windows.

•40 Dartmouth St. Proposed Work: At front façade steps, install railing.


•1767-1769 Washington St (Alexandra Hotel) Proposed Work: Restore façade of original structure; construct a new tower at the rear of the structure.


Order for a hearing regarding the issues related to stray voltage in the City of Boston. This matter is sponsored by Councilor Ed Flynn.

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