Water-main Ruptures on Comm Ave.

A 144-year-old, cast-iron water-main ruptured at around 8:30 p.m. Monday on Commonwealth Avenue between Dartmouth and Exeter streets, flooding the area, closing it to traffic for much of the following day and forcing the evacuation of six nearby buildings, according to published reports.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission officials said water flowed from a 2-foot section of a 16-foot main, which dates back, to 1875 and underwent repairs in 1996, for approximately 90 minutes before crews could shut it off. Afterwards, workers isolated the broken section of the water-main and repaired the pipe before restoring service to the 13 buildings on the inbound side of Comm. Ave. on the same block, officials said.

The cause of the water-main break remains under investigation, BWSC official said.

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