Councilor Flynn Calls for Linkage Fees to Be Used for Child Care Situation

Councilor Ed Flynn has recently announced he will call for a hearing to discuss the possibility of using linkage fees from large-scale commercial developments to fund early childhood education.

Councilor Flynn said he believes a conversation is needed to discuss ways that the city can help fund these services so that every child can have access to early childhood education, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Flynn would also like to discuss requirements to include child care services in new, large-scale developments.

Flynn said childcare is expensive and pre-kindergarten seats are limited in Boston Public Schools, making it difficult for many families to find quality and affordable early childhood education for their children.

“I know that being able to enroll a child into Pre-K or having affordable child care is vitally important and, at the same time, difficult for many parents in our city- especially our low-income families,” Councilor Flynn said. “With possible changes in linkage fees on the horizon, it’s worthwhile for us to explore this as a way to help fund early childhood education, assist families in our city, and to place our children on the best path for success in school and what their future has in store.”

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