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From the April 30 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, City Hall:

•122 Commonwealth Ave. Applicant: Marc Lacasse

City Hall, upon the appeal of Marc Lacasse seeking with reference to the premises at 122 Commonwealth Ave.

Purpose: Change of occupancy from School to 3 residential units. Construct fourth floor addition and roof deck. Renovations per plans. Five off-street parking provided.

Addition is being performed to the front of an already existing fourth story.

•105 West Springfield St. Applicant: Eben Kunz

Purpose: Construct exterior deck on rear of 1st floor.

•94 Beacon St. Applicant: Timothy Burke

Purpose:  Enlarge existing roof deck as shown on drawings, install new exterior stair to deck, construct screen wall at new deck on rear El and raise roof level at rear wall to install new windows and skylight.

•84-100 Peterborough St. Applicant: Brendin McCord

Purpose: Separate 84-86 Peterborough St. with a demizing wall, build out new sub shop in 84 Peterborough according to plans submitted.

•19 Dartmouth St. Applicant: Catherine O’Byrne

Purpose: Eliminate kitchen and install new bathroom at kitchen place, remove no structure wall ,close kitchen entry door and install new framing to new bathroom. Change occupancy from a 3 family to a 2 family.

•162 West Brookline St. Applicant: Alpine Advisory Services by John Moran

Purpose: Install 6’x20’ cantilevered deck at rear of parlor level. Frame and railings to be steel with composite decking.

•258 West Newton St. Applicant: Prosper Realty Trust by Marc LaCasse

Purpose:  Construct 4 cantilevered Juliet balconies at existing openings and new roof deck per plans.

•213 Albany St. Applicant: Anthony Virgilio

Purpose: To relocate existing digital billboard structure to north east corner of lot.

•217 Albany St. Applicant: Marc LaCasse

Purpose: Demolish existing structure and construct new 14-story, 250-unit residential building. The new building will be constructed on lot consisting of 36,070 square feet to be created by subdividing a portion of 300 Harrison Avenue and combining it with the existing lot at 217 Albany Street.

From the May 2 Non-hearing Common Victualler Transacations, City Hall, 10 a.m.:

•(New license and previously licensed location) Selhi & Sons Associates 1 LLC d/b/a McDonald’s, 870 Massachusetts Avenue, Roxbury, MA. 02119. Vijay Selhi as manager of record. One room on first floor with kitchen in rear with drive thru windows. Hours of operation: 5 a.m. – Midnight; Drive Thru window open 24 hours.

From the May 2 License Board hearing, City Hall, 10 a.m.:

•The Following have applied for a One Day Amendment to be voted on May 2:

Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 have applied for a One Day Amendment to extend its closing time to 2 a.m. on May 10 and May 11.

•The Following have applied for a Change of Manager to be voted on May 2:

New England Conservatory of Music, 290 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 have applied for a change of manager From: Michael Ryan To: Christopher C. Hayden.

From the May 7 Licensed Premise Violation hearing, City Hall, 10 a.m.:

•LANSDOWNE BOSTON RESTAURANT, LLC , D/B/A: HOUSE OF BLUES, 15 ‑ 41  LANSDOWNE, Fenway. Date: 03/10/2019 – Patron on patron assault and battery.

From the May 7 South End Landmarks Commission, City Hall, 5:30 p.m.:


•275 Shawmut Ave. Work: Ratification of an unapproved exhaust pipe that protrudes above the cornice line.

Design Review Hearing

•587 Albany St. Proposed Work: (Previously heard on 7/3/2018 & 4/12/2019) Demolish existing structure and construct a six unit residential building.

•29 Upton St. Unit 3 Proposed Work: At front façade, level 2, replace three wood, 2 over 2 windows with three, aluminum clad, and 2 over 2 windows.

•1317 Washington St. #120 Proposed Work: Using existing frame and hardware, install new blade signage. Install window decals for new retail establishment.

•787 Tremont St. (Adjacent) Proposed Work: Remove existing light pole and replace it with a four sided metal pole with wireless cell antenna.

•596 Tremont Street Proposed Work: Install new hand rail on front stoop.

•542 Massachusetts Ave. Proposed Work: At mansard level replace four windows. The larger dormer window will have a 2 over 2 window flanked by two 1 over 1 window, all wood. The smaller dormer will have a 2 over 2 windows. All windows are all wood.

•808 Tremont St. Proposed Work: At party wall, replace recently removed temporary mural with another temporary mural (Previous mural approved by SELDC in 2013).

•41 Rutland St. Proposed Work: Remove existing chimney cap, install single flue chimney cap.

•112 Shawmut Ave. Proposed Work: Replace existing brick arches with cast concrete arch with brick veneer.

•170 West Brookline St. Proposed Work: Install wood and glass door under stoop, install roof deck, install compressors on roof.

•700 Harrison Ave. Proposed Work: At storefront remove existing sign on sign band and replace with new halo-lit sign. Install two blade signs.

•194-200 Shawmut Ave. Proposed Work: Install landscaping.

•461 Massachusetts Ave. Proposed Work: At front façade replace non-historic replacement balusters with replicas of the originals. Replace missing posts with historically appropriate posts. Replace garden fence with historically appropriate fence.

•27 Claremont Pk. Proposed Work: Replace two existing non-historic curved windows in kind.

•82 Chandler St. Proposed Work: At rear façade (facing public way) level two, install deck and deck access door install cedar fence at the edge of the property, install sliding and fixed door at garden level.

•27-29 Dwight St. Proposed Work: Replace non-historic hand rail with historically correct hand rail (See Additional Items in Admin Review).

•48 Union Park Proposed Work: At front façade all levels, replace or restore eight existing (older) curved sash front façade windows with curved sash, wood, 2 over 2 windows.

Advisory Review

•31 Worcester Street Proposed Work: Alter rear dormers, other façade improvements.

Administrative Review

5 Appleton Street, 150 Appleton Street, 82 Chandler Street, 431 Columbus Avenue, 521 Columbus Avenue, 27-29 Dwight Street, 37 Dwight Street, 99 E. Brookline, 420 Massachusetts Avenue, 222 Northampton Street,41 Rutland Street, 291 Shawmut Avenue, 371 Shawmut Avenue, 441 Shawmut Avenue, 478 Shawmut Avenue, 478 Shawmut Avenue, 631 Tremont Street, 48 Union Park, 9 Upton Street, 162/164 West Brookline Street, 170 West Brookline Street, 84 West Concord Street, 135 West Concord Street, 119 West Newton Street, and 69 Worcester Street.

From the May 8 Back Bay Architectural Commission, City Hall, 4:30 p.m.:


•359 Boylston Street: Unapproved piping, wiring and conduit at rear elevation.

•31 Fairfield Street: Unapproved vent at sidewall.

Design Review:

•205-207 Newbury St.: At front façade install three umbrellas on lower patios and signage at fence.

•569 Boylston St.: At front façade install bump-out at first story, signage and patio dining area, and replace second and third-story windows; at rear elevation replace all windows; and at roof install elevator headhouse, three new air-handling units and exhaust vents.

•551 Boyston St.: Replace rooftop mechanical equipment and install acoustical panels.

•237 Newbury St.: Furnishing upper and lower dining patios with tables, chairs, umbrellas and planters.

•341 Newbury St.: At west (side) elevation install nine new window openings to match existing windows and remove in-filled masonry opening and replace with single-light window; and at roof install skylight and HVAC equipment.

•352 Marlborough St.: At front façade replace previously approved penthouse fenestration with one double-hung window aligned with the east double-hung windows on the lower floors, and with two window openings and a door opening centered on the bay windows of the lower floors.

•344 Beacon St.: At front façade clean masonry, repair entry steps, replace entry door and transom, replace security camera, and install new brick pavers and walkway; at rear courtyard replace stone pavers and install new lighting and door hardware; at rear garage replace garage door and alley door, light fixtures and security camera; at lower rear deck replace decking, light fixtures and planters, remove lattice screen, install mini-split condenser and screen wall, and install outdoor kitchenette;  at penthouse deck replace decking and stair treads and replace light fixtures; and at upper deck replace decking and step lights, install guardrail around existing skylight, replace HVAC equipment and install screen wall, install vegetated green roof trays at roof edge, and replace chimney flue caps.

•135 Commonwealth Ave.: At roof rebuild rear roof deck and install condenser unit; at rear elevation mount heat pump to wall, install fencing and replace asphalt paving at parking area with brick pavers.

Administrative Review:

•120 Beacon Street, 150 Beacon Street, 409 Beacon Street, 458 Beacon Street, 463 Beacon Street, 465 Beacon Street, 534 Beacon Street, 376 Boylston Street, 34 Commonwealth Avenue, 35 Commonwealth Avenue, 109-111 Commonwealth Avenue, 215 Commonwealth Avenue, 217 Commonwealth Avenue, 240 Commonwealth Avenue, 240 Commonwealth Avenue, 287 Commonwealth Avenue, 323 Commonwealth Avenue, 333 Commonwealth Avenue, 390 Commonwealth Avenue, 271 Dartmouth Street, 12 Hereford Street, 81 Marlborough Street, 146 Marlborough Street, 170 Marlborough Street, 254 Marlborough Street, 37 Newbury Street, 117 Newbury Street, 163 Newbury Street, and 232 Newbury Street.

Advisory Review:

•108 Newbury Street: Renovation of storefront and patio at Newbury Street façade and new storefront windows at Clarendon Street elevation.

•123; 125; 175; 207; and 211 Newbury Street: Building Directory Signage.

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