Major Homelessness Forum to Take Place in the Back Bay

The Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay (NABB) will be holding a ‘Homelessness in Boston’ forum on Monday, June 17, in the Boston Public Library – a forum that will look at break-through solutions in the Back Bay and citywide.

The objective of the forum is to increase the understanding of the scope and nature of homelessness in Boston, and the resources for dealing with the problem.

Fear, sadness and concern are often the responses upon encountering homeless people in the neighborhood. While Boston’s homelessness services are some of the best in the nation, many people are still living on the streets. Some pose security or nuisance problems for residents and local businesses; some strive to survive quietly and pass away prematurely; and others find their way through support services available through Boston’s homeless shelter programs and long-term housing placement.

The forum looks to highlight who these men and women are, and what neighbors can do to help this vulnerable population.

The forum will be moderated by WBUR radio producer Lynn Jolicoeur.

Panelists will include:

•David Leonard, president of the Boston Public Library.

•Dr. Jesse Gaeta, chief medical officer at Boston Health Care for the Homeless.

•Jim Greene, City of Boston director of Emergency Shelters.

•Lyndia Downie, president of Pine Street Inn.

•D-4 Police Capt. Steven Sweeney.

•D-4 Sgt. James Freeman.

•State officials.

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