Police Briefs 07-11-2019

D-4 Police News

Dumb as a Rock

On Monday, July 1, at around 2:10 a.m., police patrolling the exterior of the Boston Medical Center at 830 Harrison Ave. heard a loud sound and observed a male suspect leaning over the passenger’s side of a marked Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department patrol car, as well as a large rock on the passenger’s seat and glass on the ground nearby. The officer placed the suspect in double-locked handcuffs at this time.

A surveillance video, which will be saved as evidence, depicts the suspect approaching the patrol car while carrying a large rock with both hands. The suspect is then seen throwing the rock at the cruiser, causing front window on the passenger’s side to shatter. The suspect then opens the door and enters the vehicle before the responding officer stopped him.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department was notified of the incident, and representatives responded to the scene to secure the vehicle for towing.

The suspect denied having any business at Boston Medical Center, and a check determined that he wasn’t currently a patient at the hospital, nor was he seeking any medical attention at this time.

A hospital security guard also told police that the suspect had been located tampering with the bike racks outside of 850 Harrison Ave.

The officer notified the suspect at this time that the hospital is private property, and that all entrances are adorned with signage to this effect. The officer also ordered the suspect to leave the property and not to return there unless he had medical business, or he would be subject to arrest.

The suspect was then taken into custody, read his Miranda rights and subject to an on-site search, at which time a knife in violation of a Boston city Ordinance for having a blade over 2.5 inches was recovered and seized from his person.

The suspect was charged with one felony count of destruction of personal property, one felony count of breaking and entering into a motor vehicle in the nighttime and one count of trespassing on private property after receiving previously a verbal or written warning to stay off the premises. He was transported tom District 4 headquarters for booking.

Cheap Date

On Tuesday, July 2, at about 6:36 p.m., officers responded to Typhoon Asian Bistro at 725 Boylston St. for a reported disturbance.

Upon arrival, police spoke to an employee, who said two male suspects just left the restaurant after causing a disturbance. The suspects ordered approximately $125 worth of food, but became abusive towards staff when they couldn’t pay their bill.

The suspect then claimed they needed to retrieve money from an ATM, at which time the restaurant manager escorted them to one on Boylston Street. One of the suspects was then found to have insufficient funds to cover their tab, so the manager returned to the restaurant and notified police of the matter.

For The Record

From the July 9 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, City Hall:

•298 Marlborough St.; Applicant: 298 Marlborough Street Condo Trust

Purpose: Change occupancy from 5 to 6 units.

•34hf Beacon Street Applicant: Nilak Sharma

Purpose: Unit 8S – 8th & 9th floor: Full renovation to include an extension of living space by extending new addition to existing penthouse on 9th floor, construct new roof deck, re-configure bathroom layouts, interior partition walls, new drywall and plaster where necessary, new millwork, cabinetry, doors and trim throughout, new electrical as needed and plumbing fixtures, fire sprinkler modification, flooring throughout, millwork per plans.

From the July 10 License Board Hearing, City Hall:

•Mothership Alewife, LLC; D/B/A:  Revival Cafe & Kitchen, 103  NEWBURY St., Back Bay. Has applied for a Common Victualler License to be exercised on the above   On one floor with kitchen/prep space, two restrooms, and café seating, 2 exits, 1 entrance. Annual patio on private property with 18 seats, same hours as the restaurant. Manager:  Liza Shirazi. Hours of Operation:  7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

•Tatte Holdings, LLC; D/B/A:  Tatte Bakery & Café, 345  HARRISON Ave., South End. Has applied for a Common Victualler License to be exercised on the above   1 room ground floor; kitchen & storage in the rear. Seasonal patio (March-Nov) on private property with 35 seats. Same hours as the café. Manager:  Tzurit Or. Hours of Operation:  7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

From the July 10 Conservation Commission Meeting, City Hall:

•Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-16XX from GEI Consultants on behalf of Community Boating, Inc. for the proposed erection of a sun shade anchored to the pier located at the Community Boating boathouse on the Esplanade.

•Community Outreach Meeting for Marijuana Establishment: There will be a community outreach meeting for NS AJO Holdings, Inc. on July 10 at 6 p.m. The proposed Marijuana Retailer is anticipated to be located at 50 Clapp St., Newmarket. Community members will be permitted, and are encouraged, to ask questions and receive answers from representatives of NS AJO Holdings, Inc.

From the July 11 Public Improvement Commission (PIC) Meeting, City Hall Rm. 801, 10 a.m.:

•On a joint petition by the City of Boston Transportation Department, the City of Boston Public Works Department, and Goodwill Headquarters Inc. for the Widening & Relocation of the existing right-of-way lines of Melnea Cass Boulevard (public way), Roxbury, located on its southwesterly side between Harrison Avenue and Albany Street.

•On a petition by the City of Boston Transportation Department for the making of Specific Repairs within the following public ways in Roxbury, consisting of curb realignment, roadway and sidewalk reconstruction, as well as new and relocated pedestrian ramps, specialty pavement, street lights, street furniture, street trees, landscaping, stormdrain infrastructure, bicycle infrastructure, tabled intersections, and driveway curb cuts:

Melnea Cass Boulevard – between Columbus Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue.

Columbus Avenue – generally at Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Tremont Street – northeast and southwest of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Brook Marshall Road – southwest of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Sojourner Truth Court – southwest of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Shawmut Avenue – northeast and southwest of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Dewitt Drive – northwest of Shawmut Avenue.

Washington Street – northeast and southwest of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Harrison Avenue – northeast and southwest of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Albany Street – northeast and southwest of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

Hampden Street – north and south of Melnea Cass Boulevard.

•On a petition by RREF II Kenmore Lessor II LLC for the making of Specific Repairs within the following public ways in Boston Proper, consisting of curb realignment, sidewalk and pedestrian ramp reconstruction, as well as new and relocated specialty pavement, street lights, street trees, street furniture, storm drain infrastructure, bicycle infrastructure, and driveway curb cuts:

Commonwealth Avenue –  on its northerly side at address no. 535, east of Deerfield Street.

Beacon Street –  on its northerly side generally east of Deerfield Street.

Deerfield Street – on its easterly side north of Commonwealth Avenue/Beacon Street.

From the July 11 MassDOT Office of Outdoor Advertising, 10 Park Plaza, 11 a.m., 2nd floor:

The following are existing billboard renewals:

•636 Beacon Street (facing west)

•645 Beacon Street (facing east)

•918 Commonwealth Avenue – (facing east)

•890 Commonwealth Avenue (facing east)

•560 Commonwealth Avenue (facing west)

•560 Commonwealth Avenue (facing east)

•500 Commonwealth Avenue (facing south)

•4 Yawkey Way @ Fenway Park (facing west)

•621 Huntington Avenue – (facing east)

•405 Huntington Avenue – (facing west)

•369 Huntington Avenue – (facing west)

•800 Boylston Street – (facing south)

•47 Huntington Avenue – (facing south)

•110 Huntington Avenue – (facing east)

•200 Dartmouth Street – (facing north)

•139 Saint James Avenue – (facing east)

•90 Saint James Avenue – (facing east)

From the July 15 Boston Groundwater Trust meeting, Lenox Hotel, 710 Boylston St., 4 p.m.:

•Re-election of Trust Officers VOTE REQUIRED 

•Financial Report

•Insurance Quote Review & Discussion

•Executive Director’s Report

From the July 16 Licensed Premise Inspections hearing, City Hall Rm. 809A, 10 a.m.:

•Lucky Strike Jillian’s, L.L.C., doing business as: Jillian’s Billiard’s Club, 145  Ipswich St., Fenway. Date: 04/15/2019:  Employee on patron assault and battery •Lansdowne Boston Restaurant, LLC, DBA: House Of Blues, 15 ‑ 41  Lansdowne, Fenway. Date: 04/16/2019:  Patron on patron assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

From the July 17 St. Botolph Architectural Conservation District Commission, City Hall Rm. 709, 5:15 p.m.:

Design Review

•20 Follen St. Proposed Work: At roof level, remove existing penthouse and roof deck. Construct an additional floor and walk-out terrace.

Administrative Review

•12 Cumberland St.: At Cumberland and St. Botolph façades, level four, replace all 1 over 1 vinyl and aluminum clad windows, with 1 over 1, aluminum clad windows.

•104 St Botolph St.: At front façade, cut and repoint brick in kind.

•169 St Botolph St.: At front façade, garden level, replace two, 1 over 1, wood windows with two, 1 over 1, wood windows.

•179 St. Botolph St.: Repoint front and rear facades, Remove and replace spalled/cracked brick to match original.

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