Wu Takes Citywide Vote, With Essaibi George Coming in Second

Councilor Michelle Wu scored an impressive victory citywide in the Preliminary Election on Tuesday, Sept. 25, over her opponents, but Councilor Annissa Essaibi George also made a strong move in finishing second ahead of the rest of the field.

The Preliminary Election featured 15 candidates from the Council At-Large race squaring off to claim the top eight spots. The top eight now move on to fight for five seats in the Nov. 5 City Election.

There was no district seat race this time around, as Councilor Ed Flynn has no opponent in this year’s election cycle.

Citywide, the vote totals were as follows, with Councilor Annissa Essaibi George having a good showing in coming in second citywide and Councilor Michael Flaherty directly behind her. The citywide vote is as follows for the top eight.

•Michelle Wu – 26,622

•Annissa Essaibi George – 18,993

•Michael Flaherty – 18,776

•Alejandra St. Guillen – 11,910

•Julia Mejia – 10,799

•Althea Garrison – 9,720

•Erin Murphy – 9,385

•David Halbert – 6,534

The campaign will begin in earnest now through the Nov. 5 City Election.

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