Captain Sweeney Details Crime Stats at NABB Public Safety Forum

Captain Steven Sweeney of District 4 was on hand to review and discuss the previous month’s crime stats at the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay Public Safety Committee forum on Thursday, Sept. 26 at First Church of Boston.

In one instance, both cash registers at Dependable Cleaners at 316 Newbury St. were ransacked after business hours on Sept. 24, which was likely the work of the same suspect who recently burglarized other businesses in the Fenway after hours.

The suspect left behind a hammer and towel, so Captain Sweeney said, “We think we know who he is, and want to talk to him.”

Another burglary was reported at Red Lantern at 39 Stanhope St. on Sept. 6 when a suspect allegedly pilfered items from the employee locker room.

The manager of the nearby Fire and Ice at 205 Berkeley St. identified the culprit as the same individual who stole from employees at that restaurant on two occasions, and the suspect was arrested.

A Sept. 10 shoplifting incident at 101 Huntington Ave. escalated to burglary charges after the suspect allegedly fought back against a store security guard who caught him in the act.

In another matter, one day after property was stolen from St. Cecilia’s Parish at 18 Belvidere St., laptops were stolen from residents of 11 Belvidere St. on Sept. 22.

Two days after that, on Sept. 24, 11 Belvidere was hit again when suspect(s) apparently entered through a fire escape, stealing liquor and other items. 

Also on Sept. 24, a victim got an unwelcome surprise when he returned to 222 Beacon St. to find he door chained from the inside after suspect(s) likely gained access to the apartment via a fire escape.

Captain Sweeney said many neighborhood burglaries occurred during the daytime when suspects gained entry to homes by pushing an air-conditioner through a window, so he advises residents to make sure units are firmly fastened in place.

Between Sept. 1 and 22, 11 incidents of larceny from a motor vehicle were reported, including four bikes stolen from car roof-racks over the course of two days.

Captain Sweeney urges residents to keep their car doors locked and not to leave any valuables in plain sight, tempting would-be thieves to commit a so-called “smash and grab.”

Meanwhile, Captain Sweeney said new signage has been installed at Massachusetts Avenue and Beacon Street in an effort to curb “bicyclists brazenly running red lights.”

“It’s very tough to enforce because it’s only a $20 fine,” he added.

Public Safety Committee Chair Charles Neckyfarow said no forum would take place in October because its regularly scheduled time on the last Thursday of the month falls on Halloween.

The forum will resume in November, however, Neckyfarow said.

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