Trillium Brewing Company Opens New Fenway Location

Popular beer gurus Esther and JC Tetreault of Trillium Brewing Company celebrated the opening of their new location at 401 Park in the Fenway on Oct. 26.

“It was amazing,” Esther Tetreault said. “ A really good turnout all day.” The location is a special one for Tetreault and her husband, as they met at the gym at 401 Park over 15 years ago, and that where the new location is once sat a parking lot. “Now it’s a beautiful glass and steel structure with a park next to it, and connects the riverway into that community,” she said.

Tetreault said that Samuels & Associates, who owns 401 Park, has been a great partner in the process and is helping to make the Fenway even “more of a livable, workable community.”

Samuels & Associates is also “a great example of one of the groups that’s really focused on that balance between staying true to the community roots but bringing in enough life to support residents,” she said. 

Trillium currently has two other locations in Fort Point and Canton, and a beer garden on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. “Since founding Trillium in 2013, Co-Founders Esther and JC Tetreault have stayed true to the mission of building strong communities through beer and creating destinations for people to celebrate life’s moments,” according to a press release. “Trillium Fenway is a unique expression of that mission, expanding the way that beer lovers can share and experience Trillium at the source.”

Tetreault said the Fenway location is also exciting because it is their very first ground-up build. All the other locations were existing structures that had to be worked around, but this was an opportunity for the Tetreaults to design and create a space that is specifically tailored to their mission. This location features 18 different beers, and boasts a bar that can be accessed from both inside and outside. “We made use of the small space and made it feel accessible and airy,” Tetreault said.

There is a small production brewery onsite, where Tetreault said they will be making Fenway-specific beers— something that is not done at the other locations. There will also be fun programming offered throughout the year, and Trillium has already offered an Oktoberfest on the new 401 Park lawn. In partnership with Samuels & Associates, there will be more opportunities for larger scale programming as well. “There will definitely be cool events on a larger and smaller scale,” Tetreault said.

Though it is one of the smallest locations, it will be open all year for people to come and experience. “A lot of people are thinking of this as another beer garden, but it’s not,” she said. “Our intention is to stay outside as log as we can,” she added, but it will still be “a great place to go and have a beer when it’s February.” There will also be cans to go as well as merchandise for sale.

Tetreault thanked the Trillium Fenway team for being “incredible” and “focused on hospitality, the experience, and being part of the community.”

Trillium Fenway is open  Sunday through Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight.

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