Council At-Large Recount To Begin At City Hall On December 5

The official recount effort for the City Council at-large race on the final seat – contested between winner Julie Mejia and challenger Alejandra St. Guillen – will begin on Thursday, Dec. 5, at City Hall.

In the citywide Council race, most of the seats came out in a non-controversial way, but the final seat was decided by only 10 votes. Mejia came out the winner on election night, but St. Guillen quickly moved to challenge the vote.

This Thursday and Friday, the ballot boxes will be opened ward by ward and precinct by precinct. On Saturday, Dec. 7, the actual recount of ballots will begin for Councilor at-large. That will continue on Sunday, Dec. 8, and if needed, into Monday, Dec. 9, and Tuesday, Dec. 10.

The recount will be performed by the Election Department, and once final, a winner will be declared.

There are likely to be plenty of attorneys from either side watching the proceedings and, potentially, contesting votes and counts of votes.

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