Wrong-way driver

On Wednesday, Jan. 15, at about 2:30 a.m., police observed a grey vehicle take a grey vehicle turning right off Massachusetts Avenue onto Newbury Street, headed in the wrong direction.
After the vehicle was observed continuing down Newbury Street the wrong way, it stopped at the intersection of Newbury and Hereford streets. The vehicle then headed the wrong way down Hereford Street and turned right onto Boylston Street. Police stopped the vehicle outside 941 Boylston St. and conducted a motor vehicle traffic stop at which time they determined the driver wasn’t wearing a safety belt.
The driver, who didn’t notify police his Massachusetts driver’s license had been suspended, said he was following directions on his phone, which instructed him to go the wrong way.
Police conducted a Criminal Justice Information Services inquiry of the driver, which revealed his license had been suspended.
Officers instructed the driver to turn off and exit his vehicle.
Police then instructed the driver to remove all valuables from the vehicle before it was towed from the scene.
The driver was subsequently charges with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, going the wrong way on a Boston street and not wearing his seatbelt. He will be summonsed to Boston Municipal Court.

Spare change

On Friday, Jan. 17, at approximately 7:59 p.m., officers responded to 683 Tremont St. to a radio call for a robbery in progress.
Upon arrival, police spoke with the victim, who said a former female employee of Upper Crust Pizzeria had grabbed a coin bag from beneath the cash register and walked away with it.
The victim gave chase before he was approached a male suspect who he believed was the female suspect’s boyfriend. 
“Just let it go,” he said to the victim. “It’s not worth losing your life over.
At this time, the victim stopped chasing the female suspect and watched her run towards Columbus Avenue.
The victim said neither individual brandished a weapon during the robbery.

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