Gonzo guest
On Monday, Jan. 20, at approximately 12:20 p.m., an officer responded to a radio call to the Westin Copley Place Hotel to assist paramedics in making a police report.
Upon arrival, the officers spoke to EMTs, who said they had a male patient that wanted to speak with police.
The man, who the officer observed to be paranoid and in an altered state of mind, said he was concerned for his safety, as well as for his property stored in a room at the hotel.
The man then led the officer to the bathroom of the hotel room and proceeded to show him one plastic bag containing a white, crystalized substance; one plastic bottle of a clear liquid; and one glass pipe.
The man told the officer the bottle of liquid was his property, but that he was unaware of where the other two items came from.
The man, who kept insisting he was in trouble and needed help, admitted he had consumed some of the liquid in the bottle and produced a syringe from a briefcase that the officer subsequently disposed of in a “sharps” container.
The officer then conducted a protective sweep of the hotel room, which revealed nothing else out of the ordinary.
Paramedics then transported the man to Massachusetts General Hospital for future evaluation.
The officer also logged in the alleged drugs and paraphernalia as evidence, and the suspect will be summonsed to court to face charges of possession of Class A and B drugs.

Rough ride
On Monday, Jan. 20, at around 11:43 p.m., an officer on detail at the House of Blues at 15 Lansdowne St. arrested a suspect on-site.
The officer was standing on the sidewalk outside, monitoring the crowd exiting the venue after the sold-out Snoop Dogg concert. When a male suspect approached the officer and asked to call him a cab, the officer directed him towards a taxi on Lansdowne Street, but the suspect refused to get in the cab.
(The suspect had also asked the suspect to call him a taxi around 45 minutes prior to this.)
The suspect contnued to ask the officer to call him a cab, even though the officer said he informed him at least 10 times that he could find a taxi up the street on Brookline Avenue.
The suspect drew closer to the officer, demanded that the officer call him a cab and said he had spent 10 years working in federal law enforcement.
Again, the officer advised the suspect to walk to Brookline Street, where he could find a taxi.
As a large number of concertgoers were exiting the venue, they watched as the suspect continued to yell in the officer’s face, demanding that the officer call him a cab.
The suspect then attempted to grab the officer by the neck, but the officer pushed him back, causing the suspect to fall back.
When the officer had his head turned the other way, the suspect came on the officer’s blind side and pushed him into a car.
A detective on the scene witnessed the struggle and, after coming to the officer’s assistance, was able to gain control of the suspect and guide him to the ground.
The detective and officer then placed the suspect in custody before additional police arrived on the scene to transport the suspect to District 4 headquarters to be booked.
On the ride to the police station, the suspect began to bang his head on the cruiser’s glass partition.
Police, fearing for the suspect’s safety, pulled over at Belvidere Street and Huntington Avenue. When one of the officers went to open the cruiser door, the suspect kicked him several times in the chest. The incident was caught on the officer’s bodycam, and he was subsequently able to secure the suspect and transport him back to District 4 headquarters.
Paramedics then arrived at the police station to tend to the suspect’s injuries, and he was transported to Tufts Medical Center for further evaluation.
The suspect was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

Shooting star
On Thursday, Jan. 23, at about 9:25 p.m., officers responded to Star Market at 53 Huntington Ave. for a report of found ballistics.
Upon arrival, police met with the evening manager, who said he found a live round of ammunition while cleaning the CoinStar machine in the foyer of the store’s Ring Road side-entrance.
The manager then handed over what appeared to be a single round of live ammunition with brass casing and a copper tip to police.
The item was subsequently logged in as evidence.

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