A City in Crisis: Boston Coping with the Coronavirus

Shelves were increasingly empty at a supermarket in South End over last weekend, as people rushed in a panic to buy food and supplies as the COVID-19 response unfolded.
Photos by Katy Rogers and Keiko Hiromi
Meanwhile, Rideshare drivers continue to work amidst the beginning of the crisis, serving a prominent role in delivering food to those isolating or quarantining in their downtown homes.
Women’s Lunch Place Chef Sherry Hughes pushing a cart of food donations through an empty dining hall where Women’s Lunch Place usually serves meals in restaurant style. What is usually a bustling lunchroom on weekdays has become mostly vacant as the Back Bay non-profit had to suspend its normal lunch and meals program due to the COVID-19 response. Instead, they are offering take-out meals and hygiene/clothing packages. The COVID-19 responses to helping vulnerable populations is just one of many items on the minds of those coordinating the responses.

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