ZBA Approves Takeout for Greystone Cafe Bakery and Provisions

Greystone Cafe Bakery and Provisions, which is co-owned by Jacqueline Gannon, is set to open at 75-77 Dartmouth St. on the corner of Appleton and Dartmouth Streets. The space was previously occupied by Appleton Bakery Cafe.

There will be minor interior renovations to the space, but Gannon said at the Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) virtual hearing on July 14 that she is seeing to remove the proviso granting takeout accessory use to the previous owner, and have it granted to the new cafe.

She said that as a previous employee of Appleton Cafe, she has experience with takeout “in that particular space.”

Faisa Sharif from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services said that there were no concerns about the proposal, and ZBA staff noted that they had received 10 letters of support. Councilor Flynn was also in support of the project.

The ZBA granted the take-out proviso to the applicant, noting that it will again be for this applicant only, and any other applicant who wishes to offer take out at this location must come before the ZBA for separate approval.

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