In the 1960s there was a TV show, That Was The Week That Was (also known as TW3), that took a satirical look at that week’s news events.

However, this past week’s events have moved from the realm of farce to dangerousness, both on an individual and collective level, for all Americans.

We are speaking of two comments made by President Trump in the past seven days.

The first occurred in the presidential debate when Trump squarely was asked if he would denounce white supremacist groups.

Trump did not do so, and instead told these far-right, extremist, hate groups to “Stand back and stand by,” a virtual clarion call for them to sow disruption before and after the election.

The second took place a few days later when Trump was about to be released from the hospital after his treatment for the coronavirus and he made this incredible statement via Twitter:

“Don’t be afraid of covid. Don’t let it dominate your life” — thereby completely ignoring the 210,000 Americans who already have lost their lives because of COVID-19 (with another 200,000 deaths predicted by the end of this year), not to mention the large number of the White House staff who have contracted the disease.

In light of Trump’s comments, we urge our readers to do two things:

First and foremost, always wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart from other people, even outdoors, to ensure the safety of yourself and others from COVID-19.

Second, be sure to register to vote. The deadline in Massachusetts is October 24 and is easily doable on-line (just type “Register to vote in Mass.” into Google).

Each of us has the power to change the trajectory of America’s future.

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