Boston Pride Announces New Leadership Opportunities, Invitation for Community Involvement

Boston Pride issued a Letter to Our Community today on the Boston Pride website that provides information on the ongoing process of the transformation that the organization is undergoing.  

According to the letter, “The unacceptable manner in which the Boston Pride board responded to these events, the community outcry, and the negative impact that resulted from our responses and interventions compelled us to examine our board and our entire organizational structure. We acknowledge and accept responsibility for our actions.”

Since June, Boston Pride has been working on transforming the organization to ensure its vision, mission, and values are in alignment and in the best interest of our community. Boston Pride undertook the transformation process as a result of the Boston Pride board’s response to concerns raised by Black, Brown, transgender people and other members of our community.

“We’ve heard the concerns of our community, who were disappointed by the Boston Pride Board’s actions this summer, and we’ve been working hard over the last several months to address those concerns in a comprehensive manner. Transformation is a process and Boston Pride will continue to evolve as our community evolves. We are creating a process that is interactive, representative of our community, transparent, impactful and sustainable,” said Linda DeMarco, president of Boston Pride.

“We need broader representation throughout our community, and we are prioritizing the representation of Queer, Transgender/Gender non-binary, Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other people of color on our board, on our committees and at our events,” said DeMarco.

Boston Pride is providing multiple opportunities for people to become involved in the organization including positions on the Transformation Advisory Committee, Board positions, and Community Advisory Council positions.  The letter, information and applications can all be found on the Boston Pride website.

“We invite you to join us as we build a better Boston Pride where the next generation of leaders will emerge,” said DeMarco.

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