Letters to the Editor

I Support a Full Liquor License for the SoWa Power Station

Dear Editor:

I am writing to voice my strong support in favor of GTI/SoWa Hospitality Group’s application for a full liquor license. I have been a resident of the South End since 2009 and our young family intends on staying in the neighborhood well into the future. While we moved to our current residence on Warren Avenue in 2019, we called Wareham Street home for the years prior and thus are intimately familiar with this part of the neighborhood and with the Power Station in particular.  

The SoWa area of our neighborhood is one of its most compelling architectural assets and offers some of our most valuable amenities. None of this would have been made possible without GTI’s significant and thoughtful investment over the course of many decades – indeed, one could argue that this investment is the primary cause for the broader revitalization which the South End has enjoyed over the past two decades. GTI has breathed life back into some of our city’s prime historical building stock and they have created a vibrant, mixed use community in so doing. With that history as a backdrop, I cannot imagine a more trustworthy or better situated applicant for the permission they are currently seeking. I eagerly await their final rehabilitation of this spectacular structure and am excited to take advantage of the unique event venue which will doubtless result under their talented curation.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me should I be able to answer any questions or provide further information otherwise.

Thank you,

Stephen Davis   

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