State Rep. Tyler Presents the Fourth Annual Black Restaurant Challenge

The Boston Black Restaurant Challenge is a month-long event, challenging Boston residents to order takeout or delivery at one Black Owned Restaurant per week in Boston in honor of Black History Month.

“Unfortunately, wealth in Massachusetts is unequally distributed by race – Black families’ wealth in the Commonwealth is a fraction in comparison to most other families from different races. This leaves them more economically vulnerable and with far fewer opportunities for economic mobility,” said Rep. Tyler. “As the Chair of the Massachusetts Black & Latino Legislative Caucus and as a State Representative, my mission is to use my platform to promote the economic development and growth of Black owned businesses and communities here in Boston and across Massachusetts.”

Please join Rep. Tyler for the Boston Black Restaurant Challenge virtual series. Each week a video will be posted in partnership with various Black-owned restaurants and businesses in Boston. The virtual series will feature founding sponsors such as the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) and community leaders of Boston. The kickoff will feature the release of a short video released on Facebook and Instagram of Rep. Tyler at Cafe Juice Up, the first featured restaurant of the challenge. #BostonBlackRestaurantChallenge

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