Janey Announces All Inclusive Boston Campaign

Acting Mayor Kim Janey on Monday announced the All Inclusive Boston Campaign, which aims to help the tourism and hospitality industries recover equitably from the effects of the pandemic.

“The goal is to curate new narratives and aspirational content about Boston, enticing a broader and more diverse set of consumers to visit later this summer or fall,” according to a release from the city. “The local focus is a vital part of All Inclusive Boston. The vibrant small businesses, local attractions and eclectic neighborhood offerings across the city are pillars of this campaign. Ultimately, All Inclusive Boston will reposition the city to a new demographic of visitors while spotlighting its rich cultural and commercial assets, including those beyond traditional tourist sites. Mayor Janey is dedicated to supporting all of Boston’s communities throughout the recovery.”

The campaign was funded using CARES Act money, and “in accordance with the regulations, the project must provide resources or assistance to mitigate effects on health and/or provide economic support,” according to the city.

Colette Phillips of Colette Phillips Communications said at Monday’s press conference that she is “grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project,” adding that she believes “this campaign is one that I believe is a game changer.”

Janey said that revenue is “down as much as 70 percent” for the tourism sector, and hotel revenue is down 80 percent.

“Boston is one of the hardest hit cities when it comes to the tourism sector,” she said.

Janey said that “our public health recovery is essential for the recovery, reopening, and renewal of Boston’s travel and hospital sector.”

She added that the campaign asks residents of Boston as well as residents of the surrounding region to “rediscover Boston’s neighborhoods.”

Janey said that she is “proud of this campaign and what it represents,” and “with the launch of All Inclusive Boston, we will begin to write the next chapter in Boston’s safe recovery, reopening, and renewal.”

The campaign began “with a very comprehensive and strategic research component to it,” Janey said, with surveys of past and potential visitors conducted.

“The All Inclusive campaign is showing visitors that Boston has it all—by highlighting the city’s many sides, stories, shops, small businesses, festivals and flavors,” according to a release from the city. “It is running locally—on billboards, bus shelters, bike shares, bus wraps, radio, social media, print, and digital publications—to encourage Bostonians to try new restaurants or explore new neighborhoods. The six-week campaign is targeting a drive market of people searching for a safe stay-cation. The preview video tells the story of those who live and work in the City of Boston, and features communities and businesses beyond traditional tourist sites. It will direct people to allinclusivebos.com, a microsite full of curated resources: restaurants, events, itineraries, hotels, neighborhoods, and experiences both known and unknown.”

Daren Bascome, founder of Proverb, said that “Inside of our efforts, we really wanted to connect neighborhoods, we wanted to attract visitors, we wanted to increase visibility, demand representation, support small business, and shift the lens.”

For more information on the campaign, visit boston.gov/news/all-inclusive-boston-campaign-promotes-equitable-recovery-covid-19.

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