South End Projects Approved, Deferred, and Withdrawn at ZBA

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) met virtually on October 19, where several projects in the South End were discussed; one was approved, one was deferred, and one withdrew.

At 23 East Concord St., the proposal was to build two new balconies supported by brackets on the rear of the building at the third and fourth floors. The balconies are to project six feet from the building.

The Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services was in support of the proposal, and the ZBA reported that they had received a letter of support from the Worcester Square Area Neighborhood Association.

The ZBA voted to approve the construction of the balconies.

At 661-661A Tremont St., where the proposal is to build an addition in the rear as well as a headhouse with no occupancy change, applicant James Christopher said that the plans have been refiled with the city’s Inspectional Services Department (ISD). He added that because of that, “we’d like to meet with the neighbors one more time and come back to the board for a hearing.”

The ZBA voted to defer the application and the new hearing for this proposal will be on December 7 at 11:30am.

At 215 West Newton St., the proposal is to change the occupancy from a multi family building to a lodging house, which is a conditional use. The ZBA reported that they had received a letter of withdrawal from the applicant, so the proposal was denied without prejudice.

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