Can’t Make It to the Gym? Local Fitness Company Brings the Fitness Center to You

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, some residents may not feel comfortable exercising in a gym or fitness center with others. Elite Home Fitness is a company that was started about five years ago by Luis Mendonca, and offers a way for folks to work out with a professional trainer right from their own homes—or even their offices.

Right now, Elite Home Fitness serves Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but will soon also serve Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York, according to its website. Mendonca said that Elite Home Fitness allows for clients to exercise on their “own time and schedule,” and they don’t even need to have any experience or equipment. Elite Home Fitness’ trainers come fully equipped with everything needed, and the trainers can customize a workout routine based on the client’s fitness goals. He said that in the fitness industry, “one of the main challenges” is finding the time to work out. “People just don’t have the time to make it to the gym,” he said.

“When we bring the gym to them, we tend to make it very easy for them to work out and the accountability is always there.” When COVID hit, Mendonca said that there was higher “demand coming from the suburbs,” as more people started to work from home and had concerns about the virus. He said that over the past couple of years, there has been a  focus on apartment buildings in Boston that already have gyms inside and only a trainer needed to be sent. “Training with us is an educational experience,” Mendonca said, adding that all of Elite Home Fitness’ trainers are certified and have “a lot of experience in the industry.”

Trainers have backgrounds in everything from strength training to weight loss to posture correction, to ensure there is a trainer to meet everyone’s needs. Elite Home Fitness offers programs like strength training, cardio and conditioning, and stretching, which are “always tailored towards the client.” During a client’s initial consultation, they will receive a body assessment and evaluation of fitness needs and any medical issues, as well as a 40 minute workout session to “find out where they’re at fitness-wise,” Mendonca said.

Elite Home Fitness also partners with Trifecta Nutrition to offer a “good, solid nutritional package” to clients as well if that is something they’re interested in. Additionally, group training is also offered, either for couples looking to work out together or for small groups of up to five people to train together, Mendonca said. All trainers are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and COVID precautions are taken when working with clients, such as wearing face masks and maintaining proper distance. A “select group of communities,” including the 30 Dalton building in the Back Bay, are part of a partnership with Elite Home Fitness where pop up fitness booths are set up in the lobby, and residents can receive a complimentary fitness evaluation.

Elite Home Fitness also gives away t-shirts and water bottles in these communities, as well as offers certain pop-up events such as a yoga class. “Our service is truly for everybody,” Mendonca said—“anyone that is looking for a better way to work out. When it comes to training, we provide an excuse-free way to train. We know that you signed up for a commitment, and as professionals, we really take pride in making sure we get you to that fitness goal.” Mendonca said that he is looking forward to expanding the business throughout New England, and “with COVID, we’re really, really excited for the future.” He said he believes this way of working out will continue to serve many clients moving forward. He also said he believes the current “model” for working out “is totally broken. It shouldn’t be the client going out to the trainer—that requires a willpower and an accountability overall.” Instead, he feels it “should be the other way around—the trainer coming to the client,” as this “keeps them accountable and disciplined.” For more information on Elite Home Fitness, visit

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