ZBA Approves Vet Clinic on Beacon St. in the Fenway

The Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on August 9 approved a veterinary clinic proposed for 839-843 Beacon St. in the Fenway.

Thrive Pet Care has proposed to open a 2400 square foot location on Beacon St. that will feature four exam rooms, an x-ray suite, a surgery suite, and a treatment area. This appeared before the ZBA because the vet clinic is a forbidden use in this area.

Attorney Dennis Quilty explained that this building was newly constructed, having received permits in 2013 for two ground floor commercial retail spaces, one of which will be occupied by Thrive Pet Care. Above the retail space will be 45 residential units.

Quilty said that an abutters meeting was held on April 19, “followed by a meeting and series of discussions with the Audubon Circle Neighborhood Association (ACNA).”

ZBA Chair Christine Araujo asked whether this clinic will include soundproofing as well as whether or not pets will stay at the clinic overnight.

Quilty said that soundproofing will be installed as part of the construction, and no pets will be allowed to stay overnight. He added that Thrive Pet Care agreed to “13 different items” in a letter to ACNA, ranging from things like “hours of operation to cleanliness to signage.”

The clinic’s hours of operation will be from 8am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and 8am to 2pm on Saturday. The clinic will be closed on Sundays.

Conor Newman from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services said that there has been an “extensive community process” for this proposal, and the “applicant worked closely with ACNA to ensure that concerns were addressed. At this time, our office is unaware of any lingering concerns.”

The ZBA reported that it has received nine letters of opposition. District 8 City Councilor Kenzie Bok is in support of this project.

Dolores Boogdanian, president of ACNA, said that she was “surprised and dismayed” to hear that the ZBA had received letters in opposition of this proposal.

“We did meet with Thrive Pet Care,” she said, which “made a number of important commitments.” She asked the ZBA to include in its approval that it will be for Thrive Pet Care only, as well as to include such commitments as: “hours of operation, number of exam rooms, prohibition on overnight boarding, pet and medical waste disposal, soundproofing,” and that all deliveries and pickups be made in the rear and not in the front on Beacon St.

Quilty said that Thrive Pet Care “made a commitment to Ms. Boogdanian and the Association,” and “intend fully to live by that agreement.”

The ZBA approved the clinic with the provisos that it is for this petitioner only, the hours of operation will be 8am-7pm Monday through Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturday, there will be no overnight boarding of animals, and all deliveries must be made in the rear.

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