Esplanade Association Offers Free Guided Women’s History Tour

For the last day of Women’s History Month, the Esplanade Association will be offering a free guided tour highlighting some of the women who helped shape the history of the park on Friday, March 31. “The Women and the Esplanade: Service & Tribute Guided History Tour” will be facilitated by two prominent women from the Esplanade Association – Margo Newman, a Director Emeritus for the group, and Jeryl Oristaglio, the organization’s co-founder, respectively. Said Newman: “We are thrilled to be sharing the many interesting, lesser-known stories that should be told about women’s representation in and impact on the park – Helen Storrow, Amy Beach, Fanny Appleton, The Hatch Sisters, Katharine Lane Weems, and more. It’s important that we share the stories of the amazing women who have positively impacted one of Boston’s most iconic parks and to celebrate them.” The tour takes place on March 31 from noon to 3 p.m., with participants meeting in front of Community Boating, Inc. Visit to reserve your spot at the free event.

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