Garden Club of the Back Bay Revives Its Tree Fence Project

These are beautifully designed, very sturdy, and approved by the Back Bay Architectural Commission. They help protect the trees from dog waste, compaction of the soil, and other damage. They also look great with many being planted as miniature gardens.

Wovensteel has fabricated the existing tree fences. This vendor will fabricate new tree fences. The quote for a basic 4-by-6-foot tree fence is $2,500. Larger tree fences cost an additional $95 per linear foot. This price includes custom manufacture for each tree location, painting, delivery to the tree location, and installation. To order a new tree fence, send an email to [email protected]; place your order by June 15.

In addition, the Garden Club plans to repair and repaint as many of the older tree fences as possible. Wovensteel workers will repair the existing tree fences when they are in Back Bay to install new tree fences. The Garden Club Tree Fence Project committee has documented the condition of all tree fences in the district. Wovensteel has a complete list of all the necessary repairs.

Send an email to [email protected] if you would like a quote for an existing tree fence repair with the location.

The process will be similar to sponsoring a new fence. Many existing tree fences need repainting. Angela and David Field of Field’s Painting will paint existing tree fences for a base price of $150. The tree fence will be hand scraped, sanded, and wire brushed to remove rust and failing paint, and painted with a full prime coat of RD Coatings RD-Elastometal and two coats of RD Coatings RD-Monoguard gloss black. To arrange for painting of an existing tree fence by Field’s Painting, send an email to [email protected].

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