Fiesta En La Plaza Opening Full of Rhythm and Latinx Talent

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Fiesta en la Plaza, the series of events to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month in Boston, kicked off last Sunday with a varied musical program that had the audience dancing to Boston’s City Hall Plaza for hours.

The Welcome Fiesta began with a colorful and lively troupe by the Puerto Rican theater group Agua, Sol y Sereno, to the rhythm of the bomba and plena by Jorge Arce and Raíz de Plena. During the opening, organizers paid tribute to the announcer and leader of the Latino community in Boston, José Massó.

Massó, the host of the radio program Con Salsa (WBUR), was surprised with a “cabezudo,” a paper sculpture created by the plastic artist Pedro Adorno Irizarry, with which Agua, Sol y Sereno distinguishes the work of influential figures in Puerto Rican culture.

“We want to honor with a ‘cabezudo’ a beloved figure who has been on the airwaves of Boston’s Latino community for 48 years. A community leader, a teacher of thousands of young people, a public servant of excellence, activist, and godfather of the Puerto Rican community in Boston, a complete human being, loving husband and father,” said Elsa Mosquera, organizer of Fiesta en la Plaza along with the City of Boston Office of Arts and Culture.

During a seven-hour day, the audience enjoyed the Latin Jazz of Grammy- and Emmy-winner Claudio Ragazzi and his quartet. The afternoon continued with free salsa classes from the renowned MetaMovements Latin Dance Company. The dance class was followed by the infectious rhythm of Manolo Mairena and his Pura Vida orchestra. The virtuoso percussionist Eguie Castrillo and his big band, whose musical force resonated throughout the City Hall Plaza, led the closing show of the Welcome Fiesta.

“It has been a dream come true to achieve this incredible programming to unite the entire community and celebrate the cultural wealth that exists in Boston,” said Billy Dean Thomas, City Hall Plaza Engagement Manager.

The Fiesta continues this weekend.

Free events for the Boston community will continue this weekend. On Friday, at 7:00 p.m., the Puerto Rican Cuatrista Fabiola Méndez and the poet and writer Yara Liceaga will perform at the Civic Pavilion. Together, they will share sublime expressions of Afro-Antillean culture. On Saturday, September 23, music returns to City Hall Plaza with a night of Salsa, performed by Clave & Blues and the dance group El Bonche in Boston.

Events in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month will continue through October 14.

You can reserve your space and follow the entire Fiesta en la Plaza programming at:

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