Healey Announces a Plan To Ban State Agencies From Purchasing Single-Use Plastic Bottles

 In a New York Climate Week speech, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey announced a plan to ban state agencies from buying single-use plastic bottles. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement in response.

“Single-use plastics are a scourge on our environment and our communities,” said CLF zero waste attorney Mara Shulman. “These products hasten the climate crisis and endanger the health of people and wildlife. Governor Healey’s ban is a great step towards making Massachusetts a leader in fighting the plastics crisis.”

CLF and our partners in the Plastic Free Mass coalition and Zero Waste Caucus are pushing for the legislature to ban all sorts of single-use plastic, modernize the state’s antiquated beverage container deposit system, and pass an extended producer responsibility for plastic packaging law.

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